Huellas del Pasado ... Footprints from the Past

Corridos chapter title

Boys playing guitar. courtesy of Estela Dalton
Boys playing guitar. Courtesy of Estela Dalton

   Corridos give the writer the liberty to write about anything. Corridos can be based on historical facts or events or they can be pure fantasy. Corridos can be written to protest against inequality or to praise heroes. They can be written about anything from romantic feelings to immigration. Alberto Ranjel, director of Mariachi Tapatio in Tucson said that corridos have their own origin. They usually rhyme, teach a lesson or have moral value.

   According to Dr. Celestino Fernández, corridos can also be poetic writings based on historical facts or events, people or places. Dr. Fernández said that during the Mexican Revolution corridos were used as oral newspapers documenting events and news about how the war was going. Corridos are songs that give the writer's perspective.

-Esperanza Canales
Maestra Bilingüe



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