Huellas del Pasado ... Footprints from the Past

my granpa, the artist by Christina Chana

My grandpa, Leonard Chana is an artist. He is nice and polite. He came to my school to show my class the kind of work he does. He talked about what kind of materials he uses. He also gave my class a signed copy of his artwork. My teacher, Mrs. Gee, really enjoyed his stay. When my class went to lunch most of the teachers came to see some of the work he brought. Some of the teachers bought drawings and t-shirts. He gave me a pack of nice greeting cards he did and more drawings.
   CC: Do you have strong memories you can share about your childhood life?
   LC: I have a lot of memories. When I first went to school I didn't know how it was run. That was the most memorable part. The other one was the time I went to public school for [only one semester.] That was one of the higher points in my childhood life.

   CC: Have you ever been out of the state?
   LC: I went to school in California, so I guess that's out of state. I went to boarding school at Sherman Indian High School, which is in

  Riverside, California. I've been in San Francisco and in Denver, Colorado--mostly the southwestern states.

   CC: Can you tell us about your book?
   LC: The book is called "The Way To Make Perfect Mountains." It's written by Byrd Baylor, this was one of the books that I did illustrations for. They're short stories of different tribes of how they started out when the Earth was young. Just different myths and the magic and culture [that] took place back then

Leonard Chana speaks about his artwork.


Christina Chana interviews her grandpa Leonard Chana.



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