Huellas del Pasado ... Footprints from the Past

    June de los Santos Torreros was born in Tucson, Arizona at St. Mary's Hospital. She was baptized at St. Augustine's Cathedral by Monsignor Carrillo. He's also the same priest who married her and her husband.
   June's grandparents lived on the other end of Granada. Her family still lives there. She spent a lot of time with her grandparents, Luis Alberto and Michaela. "My grandmother … lived just right over here on the other end of Granada on the other side of Fourth Street. We used to come and visit her and we used to go shopping downtown."
   They didn't have a television so they told her a lot of stories instead. Her grandfather would tell stories of when he was a child. "He'd tell us different stores about him growing up and we'd sit on the porch and then we'd sing songs, and we'd play cards, and watch the cars go by. That was our form of entertainment."
   June also remembers going with her Tata to the wash by the TEP plant. Her grandparents lived right across the street from the train tracks. "We would make my Tata take us down to the wash … and we'd go walk, crawl down the wash and go all the way into the wash. We'd wait for the train to pass then we would wave to the people on the train."
   Sra. De los Santos-Torreros began writing corridos right after she got out of college. She has written about her family and the animals she has. "Just experiences we've done," she said.
   Normally her corridos start off as a joke. She and her husband just start singing and playing around. They pull out the guitar and before you know it they come up with a song. She loves writing corridos.
 June de los Santos

June de los Santos tells her story to Klara Amendariz and Jennie Piccarreta.
June de los Santos tells her story to Klara Amendáriz and Jennie Piccarreta.



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