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Students from the third grade ask elders about life in the Old Pueblo back in the day.

A look at the neighborhood by students of the fifth grade. Interviews with neighborhood residents (then and now): Ginger Arzani as Laura Banks, Ruth Benítez, Estela Dalton, Teri Gonzalez, Mrs. León, Steve Lew, David Lee, Ramón Olivas, Berta Rico, Mario and Grace Soto, Alfredo Tellez.

Fourth grade students borrow from an old Mexican tradition writing story-songs about important events and people.

Who are the families of Davis students? In this chapter students from the fourth and fifth grade reveal themselves and their families

Back in the day, neighbors in Barrio Anita and elsewhere in Tucson planted gardens of healing. Here students from the fourth grade interview some old-time gardeners and curanderos.

Original artwork was created by Davis students with Ms. Postiglione, art specialist. Contemporary photographs of Barrio Anita were created by Davis students during two photojournalism projects. The first was directed by M.L. Lincoln, Artist-in-Residence at Davis School in 1996, and funded by the Arizona Commission on the Arts. The second was directed by Dr. Elizabeth Garber, University of Arizona Art Education Division, in 2001. Student photography of Davis Oral History Family Night was directed by José Olivas. Historic photos appear courtesy of interviewees.



Note to readers:

In keeping with the philosophy of Davis Bilingual Magnet School, this book includes text in both Spanish and English. There are no direct translations as Davis students read and write in both languages.



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