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Hiakim: The Yaqui Homeland

Don Alfonso Flovez Leyva's "Testamento":
Holograph, Transcription, and Translation



Principal testament of the Dividing Line
The principal holy memory
adapted on behalf of the martyrology of the period Aitey
of the universal flood from which catastrophe
they were saved, and accordingly these are the generations
of Llaitohui, a perfect, just gentleman who in his
generations walked with God. And the days occurred
when the waters rose over the earth
to destroy everything in which there was a spirit
of life under the heavens. That which is on the earth, ______10
the waters and the reptiles, of living animals, likewise
the birds which fly over the earth in the
open expanse of the heavens.
This happened, that on the 7th day of February
the waters went over the earth in the year 614
during the life of Yaitohui, the 7th day of the same month to
the 17th
of February, on that [day] there was a rain over the
earth. 40 days and 40 nights. And after this all
spirit of life ended. The holy end.
And thus departed all substance. The waters prevailed ____20
and rose in a great fashion over the earth. They destroyed
all substance that lived in peace
on the earth including men and women.
The days ended.


And the month of July on the 17th the waters
were subsiding until the 1 st day of October
the tops of the mountains were revealed and on the
1st day of November the waters receded over

the earth. And Llaitowui and 13 others were saved and
11 women on the Hill of Parvas. Today it is Mataehale. __30
And on the Hill of Jonas, Aitey and 11 souls and
one woman named Enac Dolores and she disappeared
in the year, month of September, she turned into a statue
of stone and today it is Matuakame. And on the Hill Eoposim
6 were saved and today it is Tosal Kawui and on
Towuai 3. Today it is Repa Kawui. And on the Hill
Goljota Fauc Enak and 2 more. Today it is Tepparia.
Today it is called Otam Kawui. And on Mount Sinai
one who is Vakula.
And one woman Domicilia who is a seraph, and 7 birds _40
and 7 donkeys and 7 little dogs.
Today it is Samahuaka. And on Mount Baber
one who is Equitollis and one woman who was called
Parsenovis. And today it is Totoitakusepo.
And they occurred. After these things there arrived
two angels at Mount Sinai at dawn, the dawn,
Vakula and Fau Enak and Serafin were seated
on a rock singing the most holy hymn
and seeing them they arose to receive them, and bowed
to the ground and to the sky. And after: "My lords, ____50
a messenger from your God. We beg you to defend us, you who
to this valley of tears." And the angels said:
"Today for God something is difficult.
At the appointed time one comes after. It is he who sets right
the entire road of God, and they will return here according
to the time of your lives." And on the 7th
day when morning came they arrived. We saw
lightning and thick clouds over Mount
Baber. In those days came the Angel
Graviel ____________________________________60


sent by God, preaching to Vacula and
to Fau Enak and to Serafin: "Repent, because the kingdom
of God of the centuries of the most holy altar has
drawn near because this is that of which it was
spoken by the prophet indomin patrix. And
go on the road of the God of our fathers."
And they arrived at the place benedixi: "And you will hear the
voice of God and I bless God and Vacula and Fau
Enak and Serafin."
"To spill the blood of man because in the image _____70
of God man is made and never again
will there be another flood to destroy the earth.
What will be the sign for all the centuries? I will
place my bow in the clouds, it will be that when
I order the clouds to come, the earth will be allowed to see my
bow in the clouds, to remember me, God, and
there will be my bow on the altar and in the 2nd
tabernacle of God to remind me
of my pact between God and all living souls."
God said to them: "What do you want me to do for you?" And 80
they told him: "Give us what is in the glory of the most holy
altar." And God told them: "You may drink
of the cup that I drink," and then he began to
say: "Let nobody deceive you. This is
my house of prayer. And you will be called by
all the people `false prophets' and you will say to yourselves:
`You have made caves of thieves.' If
anyone speaks to you, saying: `I am God,' do not
believe him. If you believe they will raise false
testimony, brothers against brothers and father ___________90
against sons. They will kill one another. And the
false prophets will give you the sign
to deceive you and at the time foretold
it will come.


Rathbonix said better. These are our
generations, the ancient chronicles
the years which complete at last
the completed event that we refer to in these
general tablets of the ancient law and letters by
hinex celsi deo mafin. And of correction of the most holy Trinity, 100
garden of God, which is paradise.
Today it is Potam. And through our Lady
Saint Rosalia, a marvelous apparition of the year 707
in Eden. Today it is Vacum. And thus through the
Guardian Angel, a marvelous apparition
the year 902 with the Holy Cross in benedix. Today
it is Abas Kaure and of the encamation nativity
of our Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world.
Amen, Jesus.
And after these things of the year 1414 to 1417 ____________110
Isiderio Sinsai and Andres Cusmes, Andres Quiso
Ratbi Kauwuamea. He said to those who accompanied him:
"Today the 6th of the first month of the innocent children
of the year 1414, walk ye through all the wilderness and
hills and villages, preaching the Holy
Dividing Line announcing the Gospel of the Kingdom
of God, to leave one place which is
Takalaim." And he told him: "Go out and pray and
we shall sing the dawn song."


"Go to pray." Passing from there further on, _____________120
to arrive at Kavorca he said to them again, to
those who accompanied him, "Look ye, that nobody
deceives you, saying `I am
the one sent by God.' And many will deceive
you and our children, if you will hear those
who come after. Then you will see
a war and you will not be confused and it will not be the


Well, yes, lords, fathers,
in the beginning, our principal pueblo fathers, ____________130
and likewise, our principal law fathers,
and on it throughout, our Mother,
in Holy Mother's church, the official principal
maehtom, and likewise our second
holy church, our Lady, the Virgin
Queen of Guadalupana's disciple children,
in the beginning, our soldier flagbearers, and on it
throughout, our soldier drummers, and
on it throughout, our father captains,
lieutenants, sergeants, corporals, barrack corporals, finally _140
the whole Guadalupana family troop,
children, lords, fathers.
And likewise, lords, fathers, on it throughout,
the Lord San Migel the Archangel's
disciple family, children, the fathers,
commanders, finally, the troop disciples,
throughout, lords, fathers,
on the cavalry side. Well, you
will know it now, fathers, this
our poor inheritance, the earth that was given, __________150
our earth, elders, He, God, the Father,
the Holy Trinity,
God the Father, God the Son, God
the Holy Spirit, these three persons together,
three Gods that are like this, gave us
this inheritance, lords, fathers.
Well, lords, then, during that time,
these prophets, the ones who were sent here.


God the Father ordered our poor
earth inheritance, the elders, the one who were told _____160
to give it to us,
here the prophets arrived.
Well, lords, fathers, like this
when the year reached 1414-1417, here
our Dividing Line began, the inheritance we were given,
on January 6th, on the 6th, they went out to the south,
from the mountain there with little peaks,
that mountain, Mojonea, which is sitting in the ocean,
already, also, the little angel children and
our elders went out all together
toward Takalaim, they say, _______________________170
already the prophets took to the road,
they started the line, Isiderio Sinsai,
Andres Cosine, Andres Quizo, Rabbi Kauwuamea,
these prophets, like that already, said this
to the people and to the little angel children,
the Holy Dividing Line, before
the arrival of the Spaniards, in the year 1414-1417,
through the natives, Andres Cosine, Isiderio Sinsai,
and Andres Quizo and Rabbi Caumea, in order to
start this Holy Dividing Line, _____________________180
they sang the holy dawn song and they accompanied
the doctrine and commandments of God, in order to leave
a place, that is Takalai, and he said to them: "go
forward singing hymns" and upon arriving at
Kokoraqui, said to them: "in the course of some years will come
some wicked men from
Getsemanix, that is Nueva Espana, those men,
the image of Isiper, are
invaders and enemies of our life and they do not respect 190
others and they will keep these properties.


They will ask you: "Whose land is this
This is what those prophets predicted.
Well, they talked with them like this
again at Kokorakipo they spoke with the people
to begin this Holy Dividing Line,
the prophets Andres and Andres Quizo said to them,
upon arriving at Kokoraqui and
showed them the holy doctrine and commandments
of God and they said to them: "Look, the kingdoms, they 200
will say
to you, in order to deceive you." If they
ignore you, tell them and don't
believe them. If one of you
says, `well, then, take up the false
testimony about this Holy Line,
brothers against brothers, fathers against sons,
they will kill one another."'
Like this they spoke with them,
the ones who gave us our inheritance, the line,
like this you will know it. ________________________210
Baptized Ones throughout,


you will know it, lords, fathers,
villagers throughout,
and also then during that time our
Eight Pueblos that are side-by-side,
the elders, the ones who received our earth inheritance,
you will also hear their names,
our eight churches that are side-by-side,
the homes that were given, you also will know them,
lords, fathers, villagers. _________________________220
Well, lords, fathers, in the beginning,
our principal pueblo fathers and our
bow leader fathers and from our Mother, Holy
Mother's church, our principal fathers
maehtom throughout. Well, lords, fathers,
our Eight Pueblos, side-by-side, our
elders, our elder earth,
No. 1 the ones who were being given Kokoim Pueplo, our
elder father, our elder earth inheritance,
the one who received it, Jose Ygnacio Baylutey, ______230
Pueblo Holy Spirit, like this is called this Kokoi


No. 2 Vascom Pueplo, our elder earth, with the prophets
who worked it, Andres Kuzme,
a Yaqui priest, Pueplo Eden, Santa Rosa, like this
is called this Vasco Pueplo
No. 3 Torim Pueplo, our elders, the one who was given this our
elder earth, Patricio Yhuikoyoli
Pueplo San Ygnacio, like this is called this
Pueplo Tori ________________________________240.
No. 4 Vcam Pueplo, our elders, this earth
inheritance, the one who was given it, Sisto Jiosia, Pueplo
of our Virgin Queen Guadalupana, like this is named
this Vicam Pueplo
No. 5 Potam Pueplo, our elders, this our
earth inheritance, the one who was given,
Juan Jose Sealey,
of the Most Holy Trinity, like this is called
this Potam Pueplo
No. 6 in Rajum Pueplo, our elders, this earth ______250
inheritance, the one who was given,
Jistei Kauhuamea,
Pueplo San Manuel Kustorio, like this is named
this Raju Pueplo
No. 7 Huivis Pueplo, our elders, this earth
inheritance, the one who was given, Sion Kauhuamea Yomomoli,
Pueplo San Rafael,
this Pueplo Huivis


No. 8 Pueplo Belen, our elders, this our
earth, the ones who were given, our elders, 260
the ones who receive the inheritance,
Cosine Tajinkoi,
San Pedro, like this is called
Belen Pueplo
Well, fathers, this is all our elders' earth inheritance,
that which sits, like this it is written, our principal
maehtom left it like this to the Yoemem.
Maybe so you also like this will know it from me.
Forgive me if I have not made it straight, maybe
God will forgive me for it, and you also will 270
forgive me for it.

Like this it stays in your hands.
January l, 1989
Copy of the Principal Testament
made by
Alfonso Florez Leyva
Las Guasimas, Rio Yaqui, Sonora

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Holograph, Transcription, and Translation