Judge Lawrence Huerta: Enriching Our Lives
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Enriquezca Su Vida
(Enriching Your Life)

A self-published book by Judge Lawrence Huerta

translation by Anthony Nuño, 1999.


"Experience has taught me that financial and professional success and happiness in human relations are mainly the result of:
(1) Good physical condition.
(2) A consistent will to better oneself.
(3) Set out clear objectives in life and strive to achieve them.
(4) Allow some time for meditation and spiritual regeneration."


Psychologists usually tell us that we must meet our basic needs before we could embark in higher human endeavors. The most accepted needs are the following:


This is the simplified version that a common person can comprehend. Even though, these complicated psychological theories agree with this simplified view, such complicated theories only confuse man and cause misunderstandings.

Now let's start with the first basic need: --HUNGER-- Currently, how many individuals do we have in this great and wonderful country of ours who go hungry and thirsty? In this great society the evidence points towards this direction. Daily, we are bombarded with messages that the average american is predisposed to obesity, "be careful," "caution," "danger," we are warned: "high blood pressure," "heart attacks," "diabetes," and the list is endless. And there we go depriving ourselves from a balanced diet because we are afraid of obesity, or because we are trying to avoid physical illness.

THIRST-- Although it is commonly known, water pollution seems to be a current problem, we all have access to water. However, a great number of people try to quench their thirst with the wrong kind of liquids which come in bottles, capsules and even hypodermic syringes. Therefore, I ask who is prevented from satisfying this basic need? Only those who want it that way. Of course there are some cases that due to unforseen circumstances, they are not able to satisfy this need, for instance: children, old people, handicapped, and mentally challenged individuals.For these people, God has provided the means in such ways as the mother who takes care of the children, and kind and generous people for the other cases.

LIFE PRESERVATION. -- Because in our times, we face the threat of a possible nuclear holocaust which lurks like a sinister ghost in our horizon, maybe it is possible that we may not fulfill this basic need. However, within our range of possibilities, we must admit that we have the right to aspire to a certain degree of security and well being.

Life preservation entails the need to take care and protect the body. It would be naive to dismiss that as we grow, we become a target for disease and physical maladies, but on the other hand, with technological advances and modern surgical procedures the physical problems are minimized.

The relation between physical illness and emotional stability has not been completely understood, but many doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists have agreed with this interdependency and only until recently have begun to unravel its origin and find a solution. Undoubtedly, there is a percentage of individuals who suffer from this disease and anxiety as a result of pure foolishness due to bad habits of eating and drinking the wrong things, in addition to inadequate relaxation and the lack of exercise. There are those who on a daily basis dig their own grave scratching all the way to their tomb with their spoon. Others, use the bottle, but in both cases it's a long and painless labor that at the end, the results are devastating. All of a sudden, they find themselves at the edge of their gravesite dug by themselves. Others, at this point, considering the alternatives, initiate a slow and painful come back to a healthy lifestyle. Many times, some of them opt to end their suffering by taking a last spoonful of the recently removed dirt. Is this what you are willing to do for yourself? It is hard to believe that this man who is willing to go to an imaginable extent to preserve his life, is the same man who little by little eats away at his own foundation.

It is said that the third basic need is LOVE, AFFECTION, ACCEPTANCE AND APPROVAL.-- The word LOVE encompasses the other three. Its significance has been wrongfully and shamefully used. I hope you are able to eliminate all the twisted and wrongful uses and descriptions assigned to the word love, so you can grasp its significance and true meaning. Love is the feeling which the individual is able to freely give and receive abundantly and reciprocally. An endless number of proverbs and rules exist about how to give and receive love, however, most of the time, these proverbs are not sincerely practiced, even though, love is a necessary condition in order to have a sucessful life.

Man is a social animal, as wisely stated by John Donne: "No man is an island."We all depend on society in order to survive, however, either a lack of social interaction, as well as, an excessive abundance of social interaction can be dangerous for the individual. Thus, let's take our place right in the middle. Let's see who is inclined to depend on others when they need to make a decision or choose a particular form of entertainment? Do you depend on others to escape your own world, thoughts and responsibilities? This social interaction is overvalued in our society. The individual is pushed from one group to another until the individual loses his/her own identity in the immense sea of faces. Consequently, the individual loses his individuality and can only think as part of a "collective mind" and only participates as part of the group. W.H. White talks about this issue in his book: "The Organization of Man" and D. Reisman does the same in his book" "The Lonely Crowd."

SELF EXPRESSION AND REALIZATION, It is through this basic need that the individual reaches its highest peak or falls to the bottom of the valley of renounciation. Many people think that self expression and realization comes effortlessly when one has found its place or niche in life and one crawls inside of it. This conception and understanding presents a complete mistake that we should stay away from it.

Definitely, we all wish to be important, "I wish to be important to someone," you must have had this thought somewhere somehow. When I talk about this issue of self importance, I am not talking about an elusive and transitory way of life, but specifically, I am talking about that which separates us from the low levels of animal life. All animals share with man the three mentioned basic needs, however, animals do not have a need for self-expression and a sense of self importance, only man possesses these faculties and needs.Consequently, this need must be fulfilled, if you wish for a successful life. How can you achieve this? Remember, I mentioned that within each of us there is a seed and with proper care and nourishment this seed can germinate and grow, but if we neglect it, it can wither and die. This seed represents your strength and power that will allow you to accomplish whatever you wish. Which is the best way to nourish and grow this seed? By becoming your own master and being. In order to be in control of a situation, you must learn and develop self control and then set out your own goals. When someone develops self-esteem and self-confidence he can find people in his path with effective suggestions and with a sense of direction. Go ahead ask more, and of course, you will accomplish more.just by being willing to ask yourself, you will enhance your self-esteem.

"Search and you will find" -- "Ask and you will receive."

With renewed mental disposition, you can develop better ideas, you can visualize great possibilities. Also, you will generate more enthusiasm and you will have real evidence of faith in yourself and others. When one has real enthusiasm one is not easily defeated. And one knows the value of having and sticking to an ideal. One, also learns that it is human condition to be lazy and to procrastinate. But whom ever is his own being, will be able to raise above this lazy condition and transform himself from a procrastinator to an active human being. Ben Franklin explained it very clearly when he said: "if you were a servant, wouldn't you be ashamed if your master caught you in idleness? If you are your own master, be ashamed to be idle and lazy."

He who is the master of his own being, and he who can raise to the highest levels of his personality, must recognize graciousness and improve and develop his talents. The psychologist William James expressed: "Compared to what is expected from us, we are only half way there. We are only using a small part of our physical and mental capacities. Looking at this from a broad perspective, human beings limit themselves when they live within established confinements; individuals possess a wide range of capabilities which they habitually fail to use and develop." You can also be aware of this fact in your own life without the effort or intention to perform a miracle.

When someone knows more or less his own being, two things happen: first, the individual develops self-confidence through which he becomes more familiar with his talent and ingenuity. Secondly, this individual inspires self-confidence in others. Some individuals only know themselves superficially, thus, they never develop self-confidence nor do they feel proud of their accomplishments. Personal success and reciprocal influence in society is determined by the degree of self-control. How many times do we hear that a particular person is "successful" when in reality this person is a complete failure. In our democratic society, erroneously, we have adopted the theory that we judge the success of an individual by the wealth they accumulate. Let's not be tricked by this tinselly image. Alexander the Great conquered the world at a very early age, at the time when the world was relatively small. History has tagged him a "Great" because of his great accomplishments and deeds, but then man misinterpreted the facts. How truly great was he? You be the judge: He had as a personal tutor, a most cultivated and wise man: Aristotle, but Alexander was an opaque (dull) student, so Aristotle became disillusioned. Alexander used to bitterly fight with his father, he cruelly pillaged, destroyed and conquered different countries. He died young as a result of his scandalous life. He conquered the world, but he could not conquer himself. Is this greatness?

Currently, we hear that suicide is a common happening and often we hear on the news about a person who reached great fame and then committed suicide. It is absolutely essential to know and conquer yourself, before we search for fortune and fame-- only then, will fortune and fame have true value.

Socrates said: "Know yourself," and Jesus said: "Be yourself." It is wise to remember that the harder the tasks, the greater the aspirations, the greater the responsibilities,and consequently, opportunities for success will be greater. In order to accomplish success, one requires a tremendous confidence in our internal strength. The accomplishment of this self-confidence indicates that you have to be your own being or master.

"Don't be afraid to expose new facts or original ideas. There are so many imitators and individuals with dull observations. Act wisely, here is a recipe for success: Keep a cool head, warm feet and an engaged mind. Do not worry about superficialities. Plan your work and your future and commit yourself, rain or shine. Do not waste your graciousness on yourself, if you are a jewel, there will be someone who will discover it.Don't be an eternal sad song. Tell people that you are a failure and they will believe it. Speak and act like a winner and with time you will become one."


Consequently, it is imperative to know yourself and to develop an attractive personality and disposition never a repellent one. If you have accomplished this, then you are truly capable to enter into any facet of society and become successful. If you have conquered self-control, prepare yourself to conquer the world, you can do it.

Every individual has a PERSONAL commitment, and the steps for life fulfillment and development are never the same for two people. SUCCESS, unquestionably, depends on this personal commitment and effort.


Have I identified myself as a person with myself?


Have I defined my personal beliefs?


What are my objectives and my ideals?


Do I have a plan? Do I intend to carry it out, so I can accomplish what I wished for?