Judge Lawrence Huerta: Enriching Our Lives
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Enriquezca Su Vida
(Enriching Your Life)

A self-published book by Judge Lawrence Huerta

translation by Anthony Nuño, 1999.


"Our life is what our thoughts make it."


"There is one thing over which a person has absolute and inherent control and that is his mental attitude."


The will of our "Great Interior" is something we will never completely discover and understand. An analogy can be established between the powerful forces of the mind and a gold mine. Whoever is familiar with the concept of a gold mine knows that constantly new gold veins are discovered and the last one is bigger than the one before. There is no doubt that the hidden gold in the depths of the earth has not been exhausted. In the different personalities of individuals, something similar happens. There is no evidence that we have discovered a single component which represents the total and complete internal power that we all possess. With each new discovery we only understand a small percentage of our internal powers and we constantly have to search deeper to find the gold buried within us; just like the miner who has to dig deeper to find the precious metal. But we should carry out this search correctly, since the issue is not to examine and analyze other people's personalities but it is our personality that we should understand. The more we understand ourselves the more capable we will be in understanding others.

You possess hidden magnificent faculties which have not been utilized simply because you are not aware of their existence. Start your life today by doing an assessment of your personality.The result could be negative or positive. Since you have been accumulating both positive and negative points in your account. Unfortunately, in most people the negative elements are greater than the positives. We all should try to establish a strong and positive reserve in this bank which constitutes our personality. And it must be done because in difficult times, it will depend on this positive reserve to determine if we can handle the negative successfully. We shall firmly have this purpose in mind, when we are trying to increase this positive reserve which constitutes our "greater interior". The development of these positive and negative factors are not completely understood.

Is your ambition to accomplish happiness and the success that comes with it really true? Are the limitations and corroding feelings of failure preventing you from fighting for your happiness? Only your mind controls and directs your life. Maybe it is difficult for you to believe this, but I assure you that it is true. If you have fallen in a state of apathy, you have become victim of a negative attitude. Such attitude only brings you hopelessness, failure and self-destruction, and there is only one person who can tell you what and when to do something, that person is--YOU. There is only one person who can penetrate the most intimate and deepest place of your soul, that person is ---YOU. If each individual could understand and accept that the only person who can truly know everything related about their own personality is oneself.

In my personal opinion, I feel that in our western culture, the aspect of individuality has been neglected. Everywhere one looks to religion, education, business and professions, the emphasis is on group activities. One is considered a "strange person" if one does not become part of one or several groups. I think this is boring. Great creativity emerges from individual minds. For instance, it has been discussed that nothing is really original in Shakespeare's literary works. It is true that those writers who preceded him also influenced him. But it is admirable how Shakespeare, through his great mind, incorporated the influences of his predecessors and developed these themes into something new.

Our minds at the time of our births have been compared to a clean slate. From the time of our birth, other people's influences have left their mark on this slate. The conscious element of our mind can not always carry all this vast accumulation of memories and influences. Thus, it is in the subconscious part of our mind where we store all this information and experiences. All this information and life experiences are collected and categorized in some form of files which have been accumulating and aging by the time we become adults. All kinds of written and unwritten laws which can pop-up any time have remained imprinted and stored in these files.

How do these laws became imprinted in people's minds? Were they formed by the Do's and Don'ts or the Shoulds or Should Not's which were taught by our parents, religion, and society? There are some individuals who owned a collection of precepts and laws which are not very common and these are stored in the subconscious. It can be assumed that some people grew up under these strange influences, therefore, such influences and experiences cause inferiority complexes and hindrances.

My personal conviction is that each individual is inherently good and it is God who acts through his mind and soul. Each individual wants to be a good person and aspires to love and be loved. We all want to be treated nicely. However, the numerous influences experienced during our early years are a determining factor if one will become better than what we bring inside of us. If your subconscious is a horrible mess of precepts and laws which are lies imposed by others, then, what can you do about this? Only you can do it and understand it correctly. Nobody else can help you. Only you can do it and should do it. Start off this precise minute. Search and identify those rusty and false precepts and laws which were not written in some old document,but were imprinted in your subconscious. Discard them. They are not useful nor true. You will accomplish this by allowing your self-conscious to be in absolute control and in turn the self-conscious will relate the message to your subconscious. Just as it happened in the past when all that garbage was accumulated in your subconscious and as a result today is ruining your life. Don't expect immediate results. Be patient with yourself and remember that the future is on your side. Persevere. Remember this, "Rome was not built in one day." Recognize that it took several years for you to accumulate all these complexes and hang-ups. Although, you will not need such a long time to get rid of them, it will be hard work. Cheer up and move forward. Allow your self-conscious enough time to clean up all the inhibitions stored in your subconscious. Be positive and you will accomplish it by instructing your self-conscious to proceed with this task. Never allow yourself to fall back in the negative state of "I can't do it" because you are creating your own defeat.

After you have recognized and accepted that a good person lives inside of your great being, you must act in a positive manner and move this positive personality into happy acceptance. I suppose you are a mature person and know the difference between right and wrong, what is just and unjust, and as the sensible person that you are, you will be willing to accept responsibility for your actions. If this is so, very well, start living now, write in a clean slate and make a promise to your subconscious.

If you ask me how to determine if your actions are correct or incorrect, it is very easy. If you follow this well known golden rule :"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If you feel the impulse to argue with and belittle somebody, stop and think, would you like it if somebody will do this to you? If you feel the unhealthy desire to control and put somebody down, would you like it, if somebody jerked you around like that? If you are tempted to drink in excess, how would you like to put up with an addicted person? If your lascivious thoughts tempt you to commit adultery or engage in sexual acts, how would you like it if your wife, husband, son or daughter would do the same? It is easy to succumb to these stupid mistakes, but let God be your guide and your conscience. You do not need anymore restrictions, just use your intellect and ask yourself, "Is this the way I want to be treated by others?" Learn to make this the ruling principle in your life and just like a miracle, this will be a source of happiness and pleasure. And the reward will be great! Nobody can react negatively towards kindness, unless this person is a degenerate, and in any case, this person already lives in a barbaric condition.

Just so you don't think that I am giving you advice about how to discard your inhibitions and complexes without knowing what I am talking about, allow me to tell you about those who oppressed me in my life. Let me tell you about my personal experiences and how I decided to overcome the oppressors in my life. I also had negative precepts imprinted in me, but things were worse for me, since I spoke only Spanish. Then one day, my family moved to another city and I attended school where English was the only language spoken. English was an alien language to me. Can you imagine my confusion and perplexity? Those in the southwest who have had the same experience can understand this terror. I considered myself a bright student and of course, I wanted to learn but since my teachers only spoke English, they could not recognize both of these things. Math was the only subject in which I could perform well, because one can calculate numbers in the same manner in both languages. Imagine how I felt when I thought of myself as reasonably intelligent but in the eyes of my teachers, I was a mute and consequently they treated me as one. Maybe back then my rage served me better than ever because I decided to show the truth about me. I fought furiously all the way until I finished Law School. My rage made me want to dominate English just like the other subjects I knew I had to learn. I could have quit and excused myself saying, "It is hopeless. I was born at the wrong time," but I could not accept any excuses. I knew I came from a magnificent family and I was properly raised. Thus, I decided to show it to the world by demonstrating and bringing forward the good that existed within me.

Maybe your problems are different from mine. However, whatever the problem, people can handle them in the manner as I did, with resolution and determination. Start off today, be consistent and firm and never abandon your positive perspective in life.

Try to search deep inside your personality in order to find the truth buried within you. Most people have never searched deep within themselves. Don't be one of those people. Keep searching deep within yourself.

I promise you, you will find gold, just as much gold as King Midas wished to have with his golden touch.


Are you satisfied with your current situation or do you wish to extend control over your current goals?


Are you satisfied with your goals and accomplishments? Do you leave something behind that is worthwhile?


Are you willing to get rid of your inferiority complex or any other hindrances which are creating a personality that is not truly yours?


What is the result, positive or negative? If it is the latter one, what abilities have you been wasting that lead to this negative situation?