Judge Lawrence Huerta: Enriching Our Lives
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Enriquezca Su Vida
(Enriching Your Life)

A self-published book by Judge Lawrence Huerta

translation by Anthony Nuño, 1999.


"Experience and observation has taught me that all men must cross the fire. This means that during life one must experience great pain and suffering and to overcome this pain, we will need our patience, hope and help from God."

I admire those people, who in spite of everything going wrong in their lives face life bravely and actively. Anybody who has become "all that he can be" knows what it means to be defeated, and knows the bitter taste of failure just as you and I know it. It is possible that you, just as I have done it, have searched for a comforting passage in a book by a great author, trying to find something which aids to heal the wound. Or maybe, you have turned your eyes towards the soul trying to find peace and ease your pain and difficulties. Is it not true that there are some days in which we are incapable of identifying the motive of our sadness? Perhaps the following will cheer you up, if you had victories in the past, you probably will have them again. Under the law of compensation, if today there is a portion of sadness, tomorrow there will be a portion of happiness. If today, you experience losses, tomorrow you will experience profits. Nobody can fight bravely and continuously without one day reaching victory. Gather all your efforts and march vigorously towards your great destination. We all should practice self-exaltation once in a while to boost our spirits.

Very often you will find that past setbacks do not seem so tragic as compared to present tribulations. You will notice that yesterday's terrible tragedies are nothing compared to today's tragedies.It does not matter how bitter past griefs were, there will be new ones to overcome. That is how we will end our day - always trying, but do not give up. I assure you the day will come when you will be successful and you won't have to continue struggling. The sun will shine and all your worries and tribulations will turn into success because that is the way life is.

Maybe you have experienced moments of discouragement and you surely will have them again. Perhaps you will think, "Why have I tried and failed". If you fail, all of hell's demons will roll with laughter because they know what it is you overlooked during the days when you did not put forward your best.When we bravely make an effort to do our best the result is success.

I will say it again, this is the way life goes. Very often, life offers us a glass of bitterness when we are fighting bravely and sometimes our triumphs come when we ease the pace.

For instance, one time when I was trying to make some money to return to school, I used to sell life and accident insurance policies in the scenic southern Arizona region of Bisbee and Douglas which is next to the Mexican border. I believe during this time, I learned the true meaning of patience and strength. The following ironic event happened to me. One time I was talking to a man who showed little interest in buying a life or accident insurance policy. He was a nice and polite man, and as I was explaining and pointing out the benefits of a life and accident insurance policy, he was digging a hole in the ground where he was going to plant a big tree. I was speaking to him and he was listening and soon it got dark. The man could not see and he stopped digging. He left his tools and we walked towards the house. His words did not express interest which disappointed me. He said that although my words were convincing, he believed he should not spend his money on health and accident insurance because he was a healthy and careful man. I was disappointed but still I asked him if he would consider it one more time. I also told him that I would return the following week to see if he had changed his mind. He agreed and I left. When I returned the following week, as I approached the house I saw the man sitting by the porch and one of his legs was in a cast. He told me that after I left, he went back to the hole to retrieve his tools, but since it was dark he could not see the hole in the ground and fell down breaking his leg. It is obvious he was convinced of the importance of a life and accident insurance policy and he bought one.

It is truly foolish when we lose our patience, and it does not matter how dark the cloud is which looms around you. Persevere optimistically and energetically until the menacing demons find another victim. It has been repeated till infinity that patience is one of the greatest virtues. However, this virtue is put to the test at the first sign of trouble. First, we feel that we should take action quickly to be effective. This is of course a wrong assumption. Second, we believe that if we don't make a decision immediately the business or issue will fall through. In many instances it is better to wait before making a decision so we can be more objective. Third, we like to believe that our will and abilities are extraordinary.

Any decisions or actions that one takes can be one hundred percent correct if they are thought out appropriately and patiently. Can you think of an action in the past where you could have controlled your anger if you had waited till your anger had subsided to resolve the issue in a calm and rational matter? Do you remember a torturing problem which did not get resolved over a period of time?

Patience can serve as a momentary calmness for the nerves. It is also like a necessary tonic that in order to obtain it, one needs all the will we have, but the rewards are invaluable. There is a popular proverb: "Patience is talent." The English poet, Thomas Hardy described patience as, "the combination of moral value an shyness." There is another Spanish proverb "Patience....and shuffle". It was originally used by those who used to lose when playing cards because they shuffled the cards too much.

The divine virtue of patience was a common characteristic before the time of Job and no doubt it will continue to be part of humanity. Those who are weak and not able to assert self-control will be left out because of their lack of patience. It is the prudent and patient who will prevail.


Do you try to cheer yourself up by repeating positive reinforcement and thinking positively?


Do you base your opinions and decisions on presumptions, or instead, do you reflect and meditate before making decisions?


Do you patiently evaluate all the facts and information to act rationally and prudently, or do you act impulsively trying to beat time.