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Enriquezca Su Vida
(Enriching Your Life)

A self-published book by Judge Lawrence Huerta

translation by Anthony Nuño, 1999.


"We are taught by great actions that the universe is the property of every individual in it."


What is this mysterious something that attracts like a magnet and is admired by others?. After a careful analysis, we will realize that it is not the result of a definite and particular trait, rather it is the combination of traits which are the result of pleasant features. Only a lucky few have captured this attraction, most of us have to make an effort to capture it, but I assure you it is possible to capture it.

Whenever you encounter a person with this kind of magnetism, the first impression is of complete relief because we feel at ease, and we get the feeling that we are equal. It is a relaxing experience when we meet someone who immediately accepts us just the way we are, it is not surprising that this person attracts others.

As we speak to this person we realize that the person in front of us is the same interior person, in other words, this person is sincere and not trying to pretend to be somebody else. Also we will notice this person has accepted himself as he is and he is not trying to change anything. This causes a pleasant sensation because we can enjoy the company of somebody who is sure of himself. Especially, since nobody likes hypocrites or fakes.

Later on when we get to know this person intimately we will realize that this person continues to accept us just as we are and he does not try to change us. And we will be surprised that besides the capacity to accept others, they possess the quality of being pleasant. These magnetic people do not carry a big stick to smash others, nor do they seek revenge. On the contrary, they face life's problems head on, and they do not hold any resentment that will make them fight in a bitter manner.

In order to develop this magnetic personality and pleasant disposition, we should put forward a compelling effort and a sincere will. Of course, one will not be successful on the first attempt, maybe not even on the sixth attempt, or the seventh. However, continuous practice will lead to the right path. A constant perseverance in trying to develop this type of personality will produce an unconscious reaction.

A satisfactory reward will await you when you get there, you will make enemies but these can be reduced to the small group of complainers who do not like anybody or anything. So it is better to leave them in their reduced melancholic circle.

Many people believe that one way of gaining admiration and acceptance by their peers is by being pretentious and ostentatious and aggressively show off. On the other hand, other individuals go to the other extreme to gain acceptance by adopting a weak and humble attitude. I believe both attitudes are wrong, the first group will inspire hostility and the second, contempt. In order to attain this personal magnetism that we so much admired in those intelligent individuals who have mastered it, one must follow this five step plan.

By practicing and strictly following this plan you will be completely accepted by those who may cross your path:

1. Above all be yourself, do not pretend to be something you are not, it is possible that you can fool yourself but other people will be able to see through your cover. Right there deep within you lies that splendid being which you have admired in others. Remove the veil and let it shine.

2. Allow others to be themselves, do not try to change others pretending that they are something they 're not and they never wish to be. Give them the opportunity to take off their mask and reveal what they really are, I guarantee you it will be something good whatever they are.

3. Accept yourself just as the way God made you. Do not keep putting yourself down, you are fundamentally a good person, let that innate kindness triumphantly rule. Of course, you will make mistakes, we all do, laugh about it and try not to make the same mistake twice.

4. Accept others the way they are. Why do we have to criticize and look for faults in other people? Each person is unique and this is what makes the world beautiful and makes it go around. Have you stopped and thought about how dull life would be if all people were alike? Individuality is the most beautiful thing man possesses, allow your fellow human beings to treasure it while you treasure your individuality. Let's learn to accept each other just the way we are.

5. Try to practice and spread the sweetness of pleasantness. It will not cost you any money nor a lot of work, only good will, and in exchange you will collect great rewards. Pleasantness is very contagious and others will respond with pleasantness, it is true, practice it. If you adopt these five precepts as the general rule of your life, you will realize that you are advantageously competing in life utilizing a great percentage of your capabilities.

WHAT KIND OF A PERSON ARE YOU? What do you think of yourself as an individual?
As a husband/wife, as a friend?

WHAT KIND OF IMPRESSION OTHERS GET FROM YOU? Specifically, which way would you like to change? What personal characteristics would you like to change?

MAKE A LIST OF ALL THE SELF-IMPROVEMENTS YOU PLAN TO CARRY OUT IN THE FUTURE. Are you totally convinced that you can make them come true? Which are your strong and weak points?