Judge Lawrence Huerta: Enriching Our Lives
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Enriquezca Su Vida
(Enriching Your Life)

A self-published book by Judge Lawrence Huerta

translation by Anthony Nuño, 1999.


"Happy is the temperate man, who TODAY indisputably reigns, and TOMORROW audaciously he will say restrain your disdain, because TODAY, I have truly lived."


Today is the time to make an effort with this new dynamic period we have before us--time to be and time to do things. We are not here to complain nor to lament. We live in the present time, a time to ACT.

I suggest you design a plan of action that fits your needs, a daily plan only for each day. When you carry it through, if you feel the need to improve it or revise it, go ahead-- it is a sign of progress. If you are capable of planning and organizing it and above all to live it fully each day, then just like magic, a marvelous future and a beautiful rich life will open up...then, the darkness of the past will disintegrate. In other words, go ahead, plan and project for "Today."

Next, I am going to show you a draft, use it if you find it acceptable, redesign it, make corrections where you think that it is necessary. But above all, have a plan and execute it:

1. I will look forward to living exclusively this day, I can't design plans and projects for my whole life. Consequently, today, I will be happy to strive for the best.

2. I will have a clear and defined motive to be carried out each day. Maybe I will not be able to adhere to it but I will try to carry it out and fulfill it with all my faculties.

3. Today, I will accept life just the way it is. I will not intend to alter or change other people. Instead, I will adjust to the situation that I encounter during this day.

4. Today, I will make an effort to strengthen my mind. I will read and learn whatever might be useful for me. I will profoundly reflect and meditate and I will stimulate my inner powers of reasoning and concentration.

5. Today, I will invigorate my soul, I will accept total responsibility for all my actions. I will accept direct and indirect suggestions made by others, but only if I find them acceptable. I will not expect gratitude for the things that I will do for my fellow human beings.

6. Today, I will be happy. I will not carry a cloud of melancholy with me, nor will waste my time with those who enjoy this melancholy. I will see God in the beauty of each human being and let God's splendor shine through me. I will remember that my life serves as an example for those who come in contact with me. This means that I will be MYSELF, and people can accept me the way I am, however they wish.

7. Today, I will do whatever I can to be most pleasant. Without being pretentious, I will be clean and well groomed. I will be courteous, understanding, pleasant and gracious.

8. Today, I will not give in to worry and anxiety. I will not be afraid of the unknown. I will not be afraid to love, laugh, or enjoy today's precious moments.

9. Today, I will take care of my body which is the temple of my precious soul, I will not abuse it or neglect it. I will see that it receives proper meals, care and necessary exercise for its proper functioning so I can obtain long and good services.

10. Today, I will enjoy a quiet moment of meditation. I will try to understand myself and will reflect on the relationship between God and my soul.

If you sincerely want to execute this plan, read it every morning when you get up. Implement it piece by piece. You will become a great human being and a credit to the human species. You will feel that heroic deeds and real successes exalt the soul. Always have in mind that only one person matters in the fulfillment of your success or failure and that person is YOU. To ponder about written plans or projects is important but this plan is worthless until you put it into action. Therefore, Act Now!

Less words--!More Action! Less excuses--!More Results! Less self-scrutiny--!More Strength! Less satisfaction--!More divine yearning! Less wishful thinking--!More decision making!

Persevere in this plan and you will be one of the determined ones.

Remember that saints were not born saints they worked at it. The same way, the prosperous person was not born prosperous but worked at it.

The following are some words by Horatio, the famous Roman poet: "He will through life be master of himself and a happy man who from day to day can have said: 'I have lived'; tomorrow the Father may fill the sky with black clouds or with bright sunshine."


Do you make an effort to carry through the things you undertake?


Do you make an effort to live today to its fullest, looking for ways to improve yourself? Do you have sufficient faith in God?


Do you incorporate the well being of your body and soul in this plan? And what about the decision to be yourself?