Judge Lawrence Huerta: Enriching Our Lives
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Enriquezca Su Vida
(Enriching Your Life)

A self-published book by Judge Lawrence Huerta

translation by Anthony Nuño, 1999.


"Health is a gift, but one must preserve it diligently."


It is truly rare to find a person who has arrived at adolescence and early adulthood without having suffered some illness. It is commonly believed this kind of physical suffering and illness triggers the need in this person to achieve and maintain a healthy body. Whenever we ask someone what do they wish for in life, the answer will generally include a wish for good health. It is only natural because good health is indispensable for a happy life. Is it possible that someone can enjoy his success, triumphs and possessions if the person is in extreme physical pain? There are some people who have a capricious desire to waste their life to physical ailments. Also, they make other people listen to their imaginary ailments. These people don't belong to the group of people who should be admired. Those healthy people who wish to fully enjoy life, intelligently dismiss minor aches because they know this hinders their legitimate wishes and purposes in life. I will address these "belly aching people" later. Right now, I want to address those who currently enjoy good health and wish to preserve it.

It is common knowledge that our body will function properly if we provide it with a balanced diet, rest, and if we take care of our organs and muscles. This proper care includes adequate exercise. These are the basic elements, but I would add one more because I consider it very important for our well being and it is: proper breathing.

In recent years, we have been bombarded by the nutritionist experts trying to instruct us about eating habits. Almost every edible matter has been analyzed and dissected and its components such as vitamins and calories have been recorded in order to find out their benefits on the human body. This research can not be considered without benefit for modern health, but how many times, when you were enjoying your food, did you have these same concerns in mind? I admit it, we enjoy food but our intelligence should take some part in the eating process.

Eating habits are developed as part of a culture. For the majority of Americans a meal is not complete if meat and potatoes are not included. In our Mexican culture, beans and tortillas have been part of the main diet. I have spent some time studying the nutritional value of foods from other cultures and you, have you ever done this?

We should understand that as we are getting older, it is wise to eat less. However, we rarely consider this matter when in fact, the less active we become the less food we need.

It is clear that eating is an individual habit and each person should make his own decisions. I would suggest the following for good physical condition: Whatever weight a person has at the age of twenty year old (unless he is overweight or underweight), this weight should be the same at the age of forty or fifty. Consequently, it is necessary that we check the amount of food we consume as we get older. We should all include a variety of foods in our diets and occasionally we should enjoy a delicious dessert, and of course, the less frequent these desserts, the more delicious the taste will be.

Unfortunately, eating has become a social pastime. If you are sincerely trying to acquire a healthy eating habit, you should avoid these social events because in reality they are indiscriminately eating marathons. Currently it is difficult to find somebody who is starving to death. However, if you look around we can see a lot of rosy cheek individuals who appear healthy when in fact they are ill. I am not an expert on nutrition but I would dare to say these people suffer from malnutrition. This does not surprise me because we have become a society that depends on pre-prepared fast foods at reasonable prices. Some of these foods have been processed in such a way that it would be a miracle if we find some real nutritional value left in them. For instance let's analyze the spongy and soft white bread labeled "enriched." Of course, they have enriched it after all the nutritional value has been extracted from it. The outer wheat shell is removed and the most nutritional part, the wheat germ has been bleached and "enriched" with artificial vitamins and proudly labeled "enriched". How innocent we mortals are! We buy it without suspecting that we are purchasing only a fluffy package and we feed our family this fluffy food labeled "highly nutritional."

A healthy body constantly reproduces new cells and this is achieved through nourishment. Should we be surprised then when we find out that there are so many aches, immunological resistant viruses and so many plugged up heart valves that can't pump the blood effectively? How many overweight kids look healthy? These kids are fed every morning a plate of crunchy and fluffy cereal with high starchy content. This type of cereal is advertised on television during children's programming. If health represents a treasure to you, start a boycott against this "garbage" that has invaded the market. Your body will appreciate it and provide you with a longer and better life, better than the life of your neighbor who feeds on that highly processed "waste."

Do you want to feel completely free to pursue your great wishes in your life? You won't be able to and you know it if you are hindered by some physical illness which will deteriorate your body. Don't become a slave to your body. Your body is the servant of your soul which is your great being. The soul, your superior intellect, should always be your only master. This means, then, that we must exercise good judgement in selecting nourishment for the body, how much and what kind and when to eat. Never be such a glutton at a dinner where you have been invited and you sit down to eat just for the pleasure of it. First of all be sensible. Ask yourself if you are really hungry. If that is the case, is the food being offered to you the kind that is good for your body? If it is so, sit down and enjoy it. But if is not, avoid it. You will loose calories just by walking away and many more when you refuse to eat what you do not need. In the long run your body will appreciate it and be a faithful servant.

How many are tricked by the fact that today they feel good? Why should they deprive themselves of what looks appetizing? The body does not respond immediately as a result of a faulty diet. Instead, the body functions slowly and continuously. Have you noticed how some people gradually gain weight? This is exactly what happens when a person is cheating the body by providing it with a faulty diet and processed foods. It will take some time before you hear that alarm which warns you that those healthy cells have stopped reproducing in a healthy manner. You will be in a serious situation when you get to this point and the road back to health will be a long one. Consequently, you will be restricted to eat only a selection of foods.

Once you decide to regain your health you once enjoyed, the road to good health will be a difficult one, and it will be even more difficult than if you had tried to conserve your good health.

For this reason, if you enjoy good health, preserve it. If you don't have it, search and you will find it, but be patient. To those who have lost good health, I offer you and your family my condolences.


Do you use your intelligence in selecting a healthy diet? Or, do you gluttonously shovel everything in your mouth?


Do you provide your body with appropriate exercise and rest? Do you also engage in mental relaxation?


Are you willing to preserve your health? How do you intend to preserve it? Are you willing to give up those pleasurable foods that are not good for you?


Are you willing to fight and regain your health? Even when this means a hard discipline in your current habits?