Judge Lawrence Huerta: Enriching Our Lives
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Enriquezca Su Vida
(Enriching Your Life)

A self-published book by Judge Lawrence Huerta

translation by Anthony Nuño, 1999.


Overall, only a few people hope to fail, I don't think you believe this way, Do you?

Most of the people who fail, do not know why it happened. But the few who succeed, they know why. The one who truly succeeds is the one who possess self esteem. Do you consider yourself a successful person?, prosperous and triumphant?, and of course you will be, if you find legitimate and feasible objectives. That is where the secret of success lies. Remember, a golden future exists if you set out practical and feasible goals. There are simple methods that I mention later in this book, and these methods have proven useful in achieving these objectives.

If you allow me, in this book, I will include the readers of this book as part of a large family along with my own children. I will also include my successes and experiences, the life of those who I have known or read about. All these experiences and methods will be exposed in six subheadings in the best possible manner I know how:


The first suggestion that I would offer as a learned lesson would be: caution and prudence in planning ahead.

Each successful person holds a central nerve in each cell always ticking with a purpose. If each atom of your body had a voice, they all would be singing the same tune in unison. Those truly big had taught us this: that whatever they wanted, they obtained it with the help of a well preconceived plan. Consequently, you too can achieve whatever you desire.

The best way to plan and project is when one has clear precise objectives, concrete concepts and exact dates. Therefore, go ahead and do it, right now write down specific and concrete goals, and under the right circumstances you will live to see your plans and goals come true.


Man sets his own limitations. Consequently, the bigger the objectives and goals the bigger the success of the individual. It is the intention and goals that brings success not the individual. Right now, while you read this book admit that you are able and capable to achieve great things.

You will ask yourself, just as I asked myself: How can I achieve great things? I have answered this question for my own satisfaction, and the answer is: "Complete and total concentration in a great and irresistible thought."

When you find yourself in your private meditations, plot in your dreams a successful future and write down the concrete results that you arrived to. Project and plan over that rich foreseen future and right after that make your castles in the sand come true, by becoming active and building them brick by brick.

If you don't build your castles in your thoughts and ideas you will never build them anywhere.


For many people, the hardest thing to comprehend and accept is the fact that you need to give in order to receive. I have known many who believe "that serving your fellow human beings" is a good rule for others to obey, but not for them. There is a well defined group of business people who disdain the idea that "the customer is always right," and who make fun of the principle that "in order to receive we must give." In our daily lives, we encounter people who face life by always trying to give less or almost nothing and instead concentrate their efforts in obtaining or gaining as much as they can.They always have a handy excuse: "I can't pay for this." "All people are tricky," "I never had the opportunity," "I am a fool because I have done so much for others." This is how these profit seekers sing their sad song of lamentation, while those who render services silently and quickly pass in this race of life. So many are kept down because they abandon a good deed. Those who render services keep their interest in their work and duties and they like to be useful without thinking of the rewards. This is the way we all should be, and the way we should try to be.

When we serve others it pays, granted, not immediately, but in the long run it always pays to serve others. Try it and find out for yourself.


The individual who wants to be successful in this tumultuous world takes enormous and liberal risks. Life is a constant risk and those who practice the game of safety and security, paradoxically, are the ones who fall victims to antagonistic evils. I have observed that those who seek a security blanket from thieves are the ones who fall victims to these thieves. We should take risks, we should put aside the losses and with a smile in our faces, we should start all over. Can it be done? Of course it can be done. The fear to lose is always greater than what really is. When we enter the vast field of searching for great things, we risk losing or winning or winning or losing.I don't know of a secure way of obtaining these great things, but it is by taking risks, and the bigger the better. I quote the famous words by Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings."


Save, gather and store, even in case that you own only small quantities, work and save in small amounts.It is okay to experience hunger and cold, but what's important is that you begin to save and gather. What does security usually mean for most people? For most people the feeling of security means that they have "something: that they can fall back on. For some people, this security is represented by owning a house, and for others, it could be an insurance policy, and even for others, it could be capital or savings, it does not matter how small it is, because it represents a golden fortune.

Allow me to profoundly look in somebody's eyes and I could wisely tell if the individual holds a serene and calm soul, or in the other case, I could see the anxious and preoccupied soul of a debtor. I know a man who struggled in debt for two years, then finally, he could breathe a glorious sigh of relief, only to fall back in debt for several years, all this when he could have accumulated substantial savings.

I believe in the spirit of adventure into the vast sea of life toward far away shores, embarking in a raft, a boat, a steamer, but I know this journey ca not be accomplished in a solitary swim. When I have observed brave men, I have noticed that they always have some sort of hope or help which keeps them afloat.


This is the 6th and last suggestion. It seems something incredible, but the truth is that when we ask, we honestly do not expect to receive. Ask frankly and wishfully. He who expects or wishes will eventually obtain what they wished or asked for.

Let's see, what do you expect from life? What have you asked for today? What would you ask and expect of tomorrow? You have the right to expect a lot, because as a reader of this book I don't think you are a suspicious person, I certainly hope not. Anyway, I am willing to think that you are getting ready to draft a great plan with the following goals and objectives: that you will give to receive, that you will gather and save, that you will constantly take and face great risks, that you will try daring things and you will expect to come out triumphant in a confident manner.

Naturally, you will do it this way, You are expected to do it this way.

Go ahead, march towards your right destination.