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Through Our Parents' Eyes

Military Aircraft Nose Art: An American Tradition

From the Collection of Lt. Col. Frank Cline, USMC
The Philipine Islands: Luzon and Samar

Frank Cline served with the "Flying Deuces," Marine Fighting Squadron 222. While stationed in the Philippine Islands, he took these photographs in Samar and Luzon. View a map showing the location of Luzon and Samar.

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Sign thanking Gen. MacArthur for returning to the Philippines
"This showed up on Luzon where Mac was inspecting a Marine Regiment"


VMF 222 Flying Seabees, PI
"VMF 222 Flying Seabees, PI"
VMF-222 Flight Line
"VMF-222 Flight Line"

Ye Old Radio Shop
"Ye Old Radio Shop"

Flight line
"Flight line our babies"
Flight line
"Flight Line"

The one that burned Frank
"This is what was left of the one that got me"

Bill Cline says that this was the only war story his father ever told him. Bill wrote: "It was during the Monsoon season in the Philippines so there was a lot of water, mud and pot holes on the strip. A Coursair was either taking off or landing, I don't remember, but hit a pot hole and broke a landing strut. It went off course, hit some civilians, went through some tents and flipped over. Frank, several other Marines and Filipinos arrived at the plane to try to get the pilot out. Frank was at the tail lifting it up while several others were trying to get the pilot out when it exploded. Frank remembered running on fire, looking down once and seeing flesh hanging from his hands. He dove into a bomb crator plunging his hands into mud. He once pulled his hands out of the mud but because it cooled him off and felt so good, he stuck them back until the Medics came for him. Several Marines and Filipino's were lost in the explosion." [read the Wikipedia article "VMF-222" that recounts this tragic incident.]

Old Planes
"McVay & two of our pilots (our old planes) notice the insignia"
Bomb fell off and exploded
"Bomb fell off and exploded. Pilot received small cut on shoulder."

Air strip on Samar
"Air strip on Samar"
Air strip on Samar "Air strip on Samar"

Menu sign, PI
Menu at the mess hall

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