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Through Our Parents' Eyes

Military Aircraft Nose Art: An American Tradition

From the Collection of Lt. Col. Frank Cline, USMC
The Korean War, 1950-1953

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Youpo, North Korea picture of Frank outside barracks the day they evacuated the air strip
"Taken at Yonpo beside the barracks we stayed in.
Taken the day we evacuated the strip. North Korea, early 1951

Frank Cline standing on the ship Towanda Victory, caption "exiting Chosin Reservoir"
Frank Cline standing on the Towanda Victory, caption
"exiting Chosin Reservoir"

Pusan Harbor
Pusan Harbor

Pusan Harbor

K-1 Pusan-West Air Base
Pusan (Busan) Air Base 3510'N, 1298'E

from "Pusan (also written Busan) Air Base is located on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. The air base is located in the Suyong River Valley, 8 miles (15 km) northeast of the city of Pusan. During the Korean War, Pusan Air Base served as a hub for 2 associated facilities used as bases for USAF and USMC aircraft. These were Pusan West (K-1) and Pusan East (K-9) Air Bases. Pusan Air Base subsequently became primarily a Republic of Korea Air Force facility. K-1 was also renamed Kimhae (Gimhae) Air Base. Pusan East Air Base (K-9) became Pusan Air Base."

K-1 Air Base, Korea - near Pusan
"K-1 Air Base, Korea - near Pusan"
K-1 Air Base - landing near Pusan
K-1 Air Base - landing on air strip

Barracks in Korea
Barracks - "Home Sweet Home"

Main Hangar
"Main Hangar"

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