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Through Our Parents' Eyes

Military Aircraft Nose Art: An American Tradition

From the Collection of Lt. Col. Frank Cline, USMC
Brothers in Arms

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unidentified marines
unidentified marines

unidentified marines
Frank in the Radio Shop
Frank in the Radio Shop

Chaplain Cummings
"Chaplain Cummings"

(N. Korea barracks)
"Nick (N. Korea barracks) we jokingly call him pappason,
which is Japanese for Father"

Frank with TSgt Laub & Capt. Rogers
"T/Sgt Laub, Capt. Rogers" (3rd GI unidentified)

McVay,Bell,Cline (WWII)
"McVay, Bell, Cline (WWII) "

Digging Crabs
"Digging Crabs"
Balderston, Shepeardson, Cline, Bell in the Philippines
"Balderston, Shepeardson, Cline, Bell"

John Oldham
"John Oldham"
T/Sgt Ray Nichols
"T/Sgt Ray Nichols"

One of my friends MSgt Littlefield
"One of my friends MSgt Littlefield"

Dutch Werner, engineering chief; now a 2nd Lt.
"Dutch Werner, engineering chief now a 2nd Lt."

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