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Old Pascua Photographs, ca. 1938

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Old Pascua, circa 1938
A southern view of Old Pascua village. You can see "A" Mountain to the left on the image and Tumamoc Hill to the right. Agave is planted in the foreground. The background houses are sami kari (adobe houses). The houses in the foreground are made of tin and corrugated metal with an earthen roof (bwiata teechok). Traditional, permanent Yoeme houses were bwiata teechok (earth-roofed). The earth was used for insulation to keep the homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
The village hospital
The Pascua espital/ospital (Yoeme variants of hospital) was built in the early 1930s. After the espital/ospital closed it became the Spicer's home in 1936 when Ned was conducting his dissertation research at Pascua. Their car is parked beside the building. When the Spicers left Pascua, the building was subdivided into separate apartments -- the right side for the Peña family and the left side for the Suarez family. The Tortolita Mountains can be seen in the distant background.

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