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Old Pascua Photographs, ca. 1938

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Josefine Corporal
Josefine Corporal, nicknamed "Chepa Kavo," was one of the oldest women veterans of the Yaqui Wars of 1900 for which the Pascua Yaqui Tribe honored her in the mid-1990s. Perhaps due to the stress of war, some described her as Chepa ka tua yuma'itukan, "she is not complete," or "she is not all there." Chepa was a kiyohtei, or church altar lady.

Josefine was married to "Kavo Wordo" (Chubby Corporal) and the couple lived with the José Maria Garcia, Maehtol im, family. She moved from Pascua to Barrio Libre in the 1940s.

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