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 The South Corner of Time: Yaqui Literature, Felipe Molina editorial consultant

*  Yaqui Alphabet, Felipe S. Molina
*  Map -- Yaqui Country [38K]
*  Surems and the Talking Tree as told by Anselmo Valencia
*  Christianity as told to Anselmo Valencia
* Tesak Pascola's Watermelons recorded by Ruth Giddings
* The Enchanted Pascola as told by Mrs. Carmen Garcia
* Ku Wikit as told by Mrs. Carmen Garcia
* The Snake People recorded by Ruth Giddings
* The Yaqui Curandero as told by Mrs. Carmen Garcia
* How the Mountains Were Created as told by Paula Castillo to her son Felipe S. Molina
* The Evil Eye by Mini Valenzuela Kaczkurkin
* Dorothy Fanin, A Portfolio
* Let's Make Thunder Mini Valenzuela Kaczkurkin
* Refugio Savala, Pascua Village c. 1955
* Growth: Merging Labor and Love by Refugio Savala
* The Legend of Skeleton Mountain by Refugio Savala
* The Singing Tree by Refugio Savala
* Yaqui Literature: Other Sources

 Native American Literature: Other Sources, by Larry Evers. From The South Corner of Time
 A map showing the traditional Yaqui homelands in Mexico.
  Maps of the Pimería Alta: Early Cartography of the Southwest This exhibit illustrates and describes a selection of original rare and historic maps chosen from the Map Collection of the University of Arizona Library. Mapa Official del Estado Sonora Republica de Mexico, 1884-1905
 A Yaqui Easter, by Muriel Thayer Painter
 University of Arizona Press -- Books By and About Yaquis

*  The Elders' Truth: A Yaqui Sermon, The Journal of the Southwest, v 35, 3 (Autumn 1993)
*  Hiakim: The Yaqui Homeland, The Journal of the Southwest v. 34, 1 (Spring 1992)