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In the spring of 1997, Walter Pentland IV shared photographs shot by his great-grandfather Walter Pentland I in 1917 of La Purísima Concepción de Caborca Mission after a devastating flood. These images are contained on a webpage linked to the Images of the Southwest project: Mission Churches of the Sonoran Desert by Dr. James S. Griffith.

Walter IV was then a graduate student in the University of Arizona's Spanish Linguistics program. It was quickly apparent that a website about Walter's extended family would make an excellent addition to the Through Our Parents' Eyes series. His family, the Pentlands and Salcidos, have a rich history in this region, span both the Anglo and Mexican cultures, and cross the geopolitical border between the U. S. and Mexico.

Over the succeeding years Walter explored the family history with relatives on both sides of the border. Sadly, papagrande passed away in 2001. This website is as much a chronicle of the Salcidos and Pentlands as it is tribute to papagrande's memory.

As the website took shape in 2002, Walter shared the address with other family members. This led to receiving images of Caborca from photographs shot in March 2001 by Christine Keys of Flagstaff, Arizona, and David Cashman of Sydney, Australia. We will continue to add material to the website, as new stories and images become available. U of A students who use this site as a foundation to research related topics are invited to share their final work for inclusion in the Student Projects section of the Defining the Southwest website.

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To contact Walter IV about the family genealogy, send him email.

Stuart Glogoff, August 8, 2002
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