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Amajac Mine, Buenos Aires, circa 1914

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Walter I wanted power lines to his camp. (1914) The power company refused unless he built the power lines himself. He agreed, but they refused to turn on the power until they inspected and approved it. The whole line was fine, except for a power pole, which is crooked. These images provide a visual capsule of the process.


transporting electrical power equipment to the mine [30K]
transporting equipment to the mine [37K] transporting equipment to the mine [28K]
Taking a transformer from El Favor mining camp to Buenos Aires mining camp
delivering the transformer to the power station [30K] delivering the transformer to the power station [33K]
El Favor mine camp, Jalisco, off of the La Quemada railroad station, for unloading mining machinery -- the end of the road and the beginning of the trailRemoving the gin poles used to bring the transformer(s) into the power station

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