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pentland salcido family gallery

These images were added during the summer 2005.
The gravestones are from a cemetery in El Centro, California.

Alejandro Salciod 1865-1937 tombstone

Francisco Gaona Salcido 1901-1979 grave marker
Remedios G. De Salcido 1875-1945 grave marker

George Gaona Salciod Marche 3, 1910-June 16, 1990 grave marker
George and Frank
George Salcido and Danny Ochoa
George, Irene and Frank
George Salcido, Irene Salcido fonseca Quiroz,
and Danny Ochoa

Danny and George
Frank Fonseca and George Salcido
Irene and her sons
Irene Salcido F.Q. and her sons: Greg, Eric, and (unidentified)