Maps of the Pimeria: Early Cartography of the Southwest, by Jack Mount

16th/17th Century

1696. Vincenzo Coronelli. [Terrestrial Globe Sheet: the American Southwest]. Venice.
1696. Vincenzo Coronelli. [Terrestrial Globe Sheet: The American Southwest]. Venice. Colored map on sheet 50 x 37 cm. Scale ca. 1:8,000,000. A globe gore from his Atlante Veneto, 1691-1696. [G4301 S1 1696 C8]. 1069X800 | 802X600

This map is one panel, or gore, used to make a large globe. Coronelli reprinted the plates of his globe gores in Libro dei Globi, one volume in his Atlante Veneto atlas series. No two copies of the atlas were alike, they were made from plates available at the time of the printing. He was the first to print globe gores in atlas form. Coronelli's globes were usually commissioned by royalty, therefore, by printing the globe gores in atlas form, he brought them to a much wider audience.

On this map, as on his 1685 map, the Rio Grande (his Rio Del Norte, also labeled Rio Bravo at the southern end) correctly flows southeast to the Gulf of Mexico. However, California is still shown as an island and the Arizona/Sonora region remains virtually unknown.

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