Maps of the Pimeria: Early Cartography of the Southwest, by Jack Mount

18th Century

1795. Jean Baptiste d'Anville and Thomas Pownal
1795. Jean Baptiste d'Anville and Thomas Pownall. Compiled by Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly. Karte von Amerika nach D'Anville und Pownall. Neu verzeichnet herausgegeben von Franz Joh. Jos. von Reilly. Wein. Colored map 58 x 77 cm. Scale ca. 1:21,800,000. [G3291 S1 1795 A6]. 1041X800 | 781X600

This is an example of a commercial map from near the end of the eighteenth century. As with his other maps, D'Anville was weak in the western portion of North America; this map does not draw on the recent discoveries of the Spanish explorers.

Reilly (1766-1820) was a Viennese art dealer, map maker and publisher and is noted for several published atlases.

Pownall (1722-1805) was the governor of New Jersey and Massachusetts and created a number of maps of these regions.

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