Maps of the Pimeria: Early Cartography of the Southwest, by Jack Mount

19th Century

1848. John Rapkin. Mexico, California and Texas
1848. John Rapkin. Mexico, California and Texas. Below the title is the following: "The Illustrations by H. Warren & engraved by J. Rogers. The map drawn & engraved by J. Rapkin." London, J. & F. Tallis, 1848?. Colored map 25 x 33 cm. Scale ca. 1:14,400,000. From Tallis's Illustrated Atlas and Modern History of the World, London, New York, J. & F. Tallis, 1848?. [G4410 1847 R2]. 1035x800 | 776X600

Another milestone in Southwestern history, in 1848 the United States acquired much of its southwestern territory from Mexico through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Tallis attempted to update a presumably older engraved map by outlining the ceded territory with a green boundary line. For the Arizona-Sonora region there is no improvement in cartography. Tucson is back to being spelled "Toyson". The appearance of "Pimería Alta" on the map is apparently the latest use of the name Pimería on a published map.

Rapkin drew and engraved maps for John Tallis, a London publisher.

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