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The Arthritis Foundation Honors Esther Don Tang and Patti Tang Crowley

Patti Tang Crowley
Patti Tang Crowley

From the Arthritis Foundation's invitation is this tribute.

For their devoted love to their family ...
for their countless acts of contribution to our
community ... we honor Esther Don Tang
and the late Patti Tang Crowley

They have touched the lives of many, with works
unspoken, and like generations before them,
their legacy prevails.

Those who have known Esther and Patti,
have seen the power of their deeds and
understand the importance of "family" as the
heart, the soul and future of this community.

The event will be held at the Westin La Paloma Thursday evening, September 30, 1999. The Honorable Rose Mofford and Eddie Basha are masters of ceremony. The entertainment will feature the Ronstadt Cousins.

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