The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage


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  • [H1]..B5185, AHS-Tuc, BC.
  • [H2]..B111,215, AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H3]..B6185, AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H4]..B5566, AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H5]..B6183, AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H6]..B89330, AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H7]..25734, AHS, in MS384, Mrs. R. Jenkins
  • [H8]..AHS, William Reed Coll.
  • [H9]..29,124, AHS-Tuc, Leo Goldschmidt Coll.
  • [H10]..52851, AHS-Tempe, Stauffer Coll.
  • [H11]..B89330, AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H12]..AHS copy of original owned by Suey Gee
  • [H13]..13610, AHS-Tuc
  • [H14]..111,363 AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H15]..B109,277, AHS-Tuc, BC.
  • [H16]..13298, AHS-Tuc, Reynolds (Clark Album)
  • [H17]..B3102, AHS-Tuc, BC.
  • [H18]..30034, AHS-Tuc, copied from C.A. Spenser album
  • [H19]..59739, AHS-Tuc, from orig. owned by Henry Gee
  • [H20]..AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H21]..AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H22]..30034, AHS-Tuc, copied from C.A. Spenser album
  • [H23]..AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H24]..29,216, AHS-Tuc, filed in oversized case 38, drawer 2, Tucson-organizations-Kuo Ming Tang
  • [H25]..59747, AHS-Tuc
  • [H26]..B2324, AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H27]..B386, AHS-Tuc, BC
  • [H28]..B2324, AHS-Tuc, BC

Biographical Sections

  • ET = Owned by Esther Don Tang

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