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February is African American History Month. Learn about Tucson's African American community in our website In The Steps of Esteban


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An important part of Through Our Parents' Eyes are the many digital versions of original documents found in area archives, and electronic texts of printed histories and journal articles. In addition, digital presentation of scholarly and professional conferences offer unique resources to students and researchers investigating the people of the U. S. Southwest and northwestern Mexico.


Through Our Parents' Eyes features many videos within its collections. What follows are projects that include video.

Pima Community College's Community Education Series

Promise of Gold Mountain
A number of videos featuring Tucson's Chinese American families, community leader Esther Tang. Fall 2008 we added video of a traditional Chinese lion dance performed by Gary Low's students on January 25, 2008, at the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center.


Words & Place: Native Literature From the American Southwest
Ppresents American Indian singers, storytellers and authors performing from his/her repertoire in a natural setting in the community. The speakers also talk about the relation of their oral tradition to their native communities. Five programs are recorded in native Indian languages with English subtitles so that students have an opportunity to experience the beauty and complexity of these languages.

In The Steps of Esteban
Enjoy a performance by The New Hope Baptist Church Choir, recorded October 11, 1987, at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival. The video runs for 16 minutes and is streamed for viewing with either Apple's QuickTime player or RealPlayer.



The Tapestry of Tucson: The Chinese American Heritage
The pioneer descendants of Chinese immigrants to Tucson and Southern Arizona share their "real-life" stories and family photos. The Tapestry of Tucson: The Chinese American Heritage is 2004 video that was produced by Pima Community College Center for Learning Technology and includes Anna Chan, Edward Chan, Dan Don, Dudley Gee, Rose Gee, Judge Harry Gin, Raymond Lee, Tony Lee, Raymond Lim, Mary Low, Esther Tang, Dr. Harrison for Soleng Tom, Ora Wong, Tiny Mae Wong.

Low Riders
Video clips taken at a low rider display on the University of Arizona campus in November 1996. The display was part an exhibit focusing on the traditional arts of Tucson's Mexican American community.



E-Company Marines Remembered
Kino Korean War Memorial Dedication, Saturday, June 1, 2002, Kino Korean War Memorial Park, Tucson, Arizona.




Encounters: Our Columbus Legacy
Airdate 1992. Writer/Host Dr. James S. Griffith, with special Guest Danny Lopez, Tohono O'Odham Educator and his Young Dance Group. Dr. Griffith speaks about the US Southwest and Northern Mexico's "Columbus Legacy" by illustrating the impact of Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino; shares observations on some of the early impacts that Europeans had on the native populations; visits the town cemetery in Oquitoa on El Dio de los Muertos, All Souls Day; the importance of the roadside image of Our Lady of Guadalupe throughout Mexico; and more.

School on the Range: The Little Cowpuncher Roundup
An oral history project sponsored by the University of Arizona and the Arizona Humanities Council. Videos of interviews with former Little Cowpunchers may be viewed on the pages for the Arizona ranch schools listed to the left.



Hohokam Agave Project
A video tour of a prehistoric rockpile field near Tumamoc Hill in Tucson, narrated by Dr. Suzanne Fish, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology Curator at the Arizona State Museum. The video was shot in August 2000.

Arizona Illustrated Segments Featuring Dr. James "Big Jim" Griffith
Segments from KUAT's Arizona Illustrated in which Big Jim Griffith reports on Southern Arizona traditions.

Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legends
Several videos of the cowboy experience appear with permission of the copyright holder. Ted Robbins' interview with Baxter Black, cowboy poet; The Front Porch (1979) folklorist Jim Griffith interviews Gail Gardner (Yankton, AZ), George German (Yankton, AZ), Glenn Orhlin (Mountain View, AK), Van Holyoak (Clay Springs, AZ); Grand Canyon Cowboys (1985), a reunion of cowboy entertainers filmed August 24, 1985, at the Grand Canyon; Van Holyoak, hosted by Dave Gallagher. Van Holyoak was a full-time rancher and employee of the State Highway Department. He lived just outside Show Low, Arizona.