The F. Ronstadt Company Facts Booklet

published circa 1913
Reformatted from a copy in the Ronstadt Archive
at The University of Arizona Library

Facts: The F. Ronstadt Co. was published circa 1913 as marketing literature for Tucson's pre-eminent wagonmaker. This rare contemporary account describes the Ronstadt factory and manufacturing processes in 24 pages of pictures and text.

According to the donor, Mr. Edward Ronstadt, the fact book was printed in limited quantity for distribution to wealthy patrons and potential customers. The University of Arizona Library is fortunate to have this scarce publication, which is the only copy known to the Ronstadt family.

In order to make this unique resource available to a wide audience, Facts: The F. Ronstadt Co. has been reformatted as an electronic facsimile in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). The facsimile can be retrieved electronically for viewing or printing from The University of Arizona Library website. You will need a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this file.

The .pdf document is a faithful reproduction of the original brochure. The front cover has been reproduced in gray tones to reduce the digital file size for the basic version to 2 megabytes. (The original color patterned paper cover design appears as the background for this introductory page.) The deluxe version (3 megabytes) reproduces the cover in full color.

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