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February is African American History Month. Learn about Tucson's African American community in our website In The Steps of Esteban


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"An Architectural Legacy: Islamic Influences in the American Southwest," R. Brooks Jeffery [QT streaming video 1:10:35]

The Blenman House: 1878 Victorian Territorial Architecture

Architecture and Urbanism of the U. S. Southwest

Josias Joesler: An Architectural Eclectic

Vernacular Architecture Fourm

Places in the Sun, by James F. Cooper

Spanish Colonial Mission Revival Architecture: St. Philip's In The Hills



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Balopticon Model C lantern projector, circa 1911, QTVR

The Burro '03, The UA's first yearbook

Constitution and By-Laws of the Arizona Audubon Society

75 Glass Lantern Slides, exotic birds (early 20th century)

75 Glass Lantern Slides, Prohibition Movement (early 20th century)

Louise Foucar's 1899 Histology



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La Cadena Que No Se Corta: The Unbroken Chain: Traditional Arts of Tucson's Mexican American Community

E-Company Marines Remembered

In the Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African American Heritage

Pascua Yaqui Connection

The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage

Southern Arizona Folk Arts

Southwest Jewish Archives


Electronic Texts

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Borderman: the Memoirs of José María Ronstadt

Desert Documentry: The Spanish Years, 1767-1821

Dust of the Desert, by Jack Weadock

The Impact of the Frontier On a Jewish Family: The Bibos, by Floyd S. Fierman

Just Memories, by Roy P. Drachman, Sr.

Places in the Sun, by James F. Cooper

The South Corner of Time: Hopi, Navajo, Papago, Yaqui Tribal Literature

The Burro '03, the first UA yearbook


Folk Arts

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Chicano Murals in Tucson

Cowboy and Western Art

Easter Eggs (and Paper and Wood) from Europe

Low Riders

Mexican-American Paperwork

Mexican Food in Tucson

Military Aircraft Nose Art: An American Tradition


Southern Arizona Folk Arts


Geography & Maps

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Maps of the Pimería: Early Cartography of the Southwest

Southwestern Wonderland



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Cowboy Songs and Singers: Of Lifeways and Legends

It's Rodeo Time in Old Tucson [sheet music 720K PDF]

Music of the Southwest

The Singing Ronstadts and Canciones de mi Padre


Natural History

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Hohokam Agave Project

Louise Foucar's 1899 Histology

QTVR of Kartchner Caverns

Sabino Canyon: Our Desert Oasis


Oral Histories, Remembrances & Interviews

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An Interview With Luttie Wilson

E-Company Marines Remembered

In the Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African American Heritage

New American Community

The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage

School on the Range: The Little Cowpuncher Roundup

Trek Of The Seven Sisters


People & Places

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Biographies of Prominent Chinese-American Tucsonans

Encounters: Our Columbus Legacy

Fred Harvey Collection : Traveling the Rails in Grand Style

In the Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African American Heritage

Judge Lawrence Huerta: EnrichingOur Lives

Morris K. Udall -- A Lifetime of Service to Arizona and the United States

Old Pascua Photographs, ca. 1938

Pascua Yaqui Connection

Tubac Through Four Centuries

Words & Place: Native Literature of the American Southwest


Personal & Family Histories

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The Descendants of José Ignacio Moraga: Commander of the Tucson Presidio

Don Antonio Zepeda: A Story of Four Generations

Esther Don Tang's Family

Pentland-Salcido Family: A Sonoran Family History

Soza Family History: Antonio Campa Soza 1845-1915

Tucson's Ronstadt Family

The University Neighborhood A Personal Journey by Patricia Stephenson

Wong Check Kwong


Regional Histories

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Arizona Illustrated Segments Featuring Dr. James "Big Jim" Griffith (video clips)

Bisbee Deportation of 1917

Books By Edward Soza

Defining the Southwest

Desert Documentary: The Spanish Years, 1767-1821 by Kieran McCarty

E-Company Marines Remembered

Fred Harvey Collection: Traveling the Rails in Grand Style

Heritage of Loving Service: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Tucson

Hooves and Rails: A History of the Tucson Street Railway 1897 - 1906

Little Cowpuncher: Rural School Newspaper of Southern Arizona

Mission Churches of the Sonoran Desert

The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood

Southwest Jewish Archives

Tom Marshall's Tucson

War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona 1942-1946


Student Projects

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Huellas del Pasado... Footprints from the Past

looking into the westside: untold stories of the people 1900-1997

Music of the Southwest (look at the student essays)

Old Pascua Photos: Building a Kareeta

Through Our Parents' Eyes -- Student Projects Homepage


Visual Arts

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La Cadena Que No Se Corta:The Unbroken Chain --The Traditional Arts of Tucson's Mexican-American Community

St. Philip's In The Hills Fine Arts Collection (UA only)