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Tom Marshall's The Burro '03

Cover of the The Burro '03
Cover of The Burro '03

Among the artifacts in Patricia Stephenson's collection from Tom and Louise Marshall, is Tom's 1903 UA yearbook, The Burro. The Burro '03 was the UA's first yearbook. Ms. Stephenson wrote that "Tom kept it because he was mentioned several times in the volume. Of course, all the buildings and rooms in the book were familiar to him. It shows Tom in two photos - he is in the lower left (striped pants/flat hat) in the surveyors photo and as a lieutentant among the Battalion Officers (he standing at the far right). Tom is mentioned in the University Club section for giving a talk 'upon the development of Alaska, her customs and prospects' no doubt based upon his summer in Alaska. [see Nome Alaska, 1900-1901] He quit taking classes at the University in 1903 and married Louise Foucar in August, 1904."

This digital version of The Burro '03 was compiled in December 2007. Navigate through the site from the Table of Contents, linked at upper right of each page, or by following the links at the bottom of each page.

In creating this digital version of The Burro '03, an effort was made to capture the organization and presentation of the original for the Web. Text was captured through optical character recognition (OCR) scanning. If you find a typo, please use the email link below to report the page that the typo it is located on (e.g., seniors.htm). Due to the paper quality and age of the artifact, most of the images were captured using a digital camera rather than a flatbed scanner. Scans of the photographs that were made on a flatbed scanner resulted in far too poor quality. However, the advertisments at the end of The Burro '03 were adequately captured using an Epson Perfection 3490 desktop scanner. Each image is linked to a larger version.

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