Through Our Parents Eyes
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Tom Marshall's The Burro '03

The "Burro"
University . of . Arizona . Annual
First Edition

Leslie A. Gillett, Editor

E. Horton Jones & Robt. C. Jacobson Associate Editors

H. Clay Parker, Business Mgr.

Portraits of the Burro Editorial Staff

THIS has been an epoch-making year in the history of the University, a year of new things attempted and good things accomplished: a year in which another and a better spirit has ruled the highway of progress; a year in which we have learned much of grace, much of fellowship, much of facts and principles of our several courses and much of the genius of that silent master, success. It has been a year, in which the hot blood of contention has oft coursed through our veins and has as often bean surmounted by the flush of triumph; in which we have learned many things outside the text-book and within the book of life, namely the modest boy of work well done on the athletic field and in literary work outside the classroom. The monthly has had a happy revision and growth, the gridiron has sprung up, been heartily welcomed and has done a splendid work within our midst. The societies have offered not only occasions of exceeding pleasure but means of great benefit to all included in their membership. In a word, this year has disclosed more of talent and more of latent ability lying dormant among us and which we wot not of, than any within our recollection. And so it is without apology that we offer this first of a long line of U. of A. Annuals for your inspection and we hope enjoyment, believing that we are keeping within the spirit of the times. We realize that mistakes are liable to have been made arising from lack of precedent and difference of opinions and tastes or mayhaps inexperience. If of the former we ask of you your forbearance, if from the other sources, let us hope for greater things next time.

THERE are a few points in regard to this publication which we wish to present. It is no more than natural that subsequent issues will be in some degree influenced by precedent and for this reason we have been particular in the draft and form which this book presents. It is first of all understood that the paramount object of such a work is to give to the student a compass of all the items, happenings and matters of student interest, in a compact and tasteful form which will preserve to him the record of a years' work here, and so it is essentially a student work for the students. In selecting this cover we have, we believe, gotten such a one as will combine the elements. of artistic taste and good service and we hope the same will be kept uniform hereafter. We have also adopted the plan of each year giving place in this volume for a short sketch of the life of some person who has been especially prominent in the making of this college and to this end we present in this volume an abstract of the life of Prof. W. P. Blake. It is, we think, a pleasing thing and altogether fitting that we should have such records of these prominent men preserved to us.

THE selection of a name for this publication was a knotty problem for some time. The desire was to obtain a characteristic name, one characteristic of the country and of the people, one original and distinctive. We believe that the result of our study on the subject was a happy one as The "Burro" certainly fills the role in distinctiveness and local suggestion, and I am not so sure that some of the characteristics of our little friend will not do well to copy. He's not much on looks but on work he beats anything of his size. He melts to christian treatment but kicks, and hard, when you impose on him. His wants are doubtless many but his needs are few and for patience Job was naught. So there you are and there he is and there let him ever stay.

WE wish to take this opportunity of publicly expressing our deepest gratitude to those who have helped us in this work. It has been a task we assure you by no means easy, but one nevertheless which has been made far less difficult by the ready assistance we have had in every department and one out of which we have all derived somewhat of pleasure. We congratulate you who have contributed of your services, upon the character of work you have done and wish to thank you for your gracious and willing response to calls for help on our part. We feel more than satisfied in saying that whatever good this work might contain is to be attributed to the student body as it is in its entirety a student work, and we sincerely hope in after issues it will so remain.

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