Through Our Parents Eyes
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Tom Marshall's The Burro '03


Portrait photos of the senior faculty members
1. Frank Yale Adams, A. M. President: Professor of History and Pedagogy
2. Robert Humphrey Forbes, M. S. Director and Chemist Agricultural Experiment Station
3. Howard Judson Hall, A. M. Professor of English; Librarian
4. Sherman Melville Woodward, M.S., A. M. Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics
5. Frank Nelson Guild, B. S. Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy
6. Alfred James McClatchie, A. M. Professor of Agriculture and Horticulture
7. David Hull Holmes, B. S. Professor of Mechanic Arts and Drawing
8. John James Thornber, A. M. Professor of Biology
9. Thomas Franklin McConnell PRofessor of Animal Husbandry.
Wm. Phipps Blake, A. M. Professor of Geology, Metallurgy and Mining: Director School of Mines.
George Edson Philip Smith, B. S., C.E. Professor of Physics and Engineering

Portrait photos of the junior faculty
1. William W. Skinner, M. S. Associate Chemist Agricultural Experiment Station; Instructor in Photography
2. Mabel Gray Hoover Instructor in Domestic Science
3. Hattie Ferrin, B. S. Instructor in English and Latin
4. Marion Cummings Stanley, A. B. Instructor in Latin and English
5. John Mercer Patton, A. M. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages; Acting Professor of Military Science and Tactics
6. Alice Olivia Butterfiled, A. B. Instructor in History and Physical Culture
7. John WIlliam Corby, A. B. Instructor in Oratory
8. George Mark Evans, L. L. B. Instructor in Mathematics
9. Benjamin Franklin Stacey, A. B., B. D. Instructor in Scienc

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