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Tom Marshall's The Burro '03

Sketch Fraternities showing fraternity man lounging on a couch

Theta Nu Epsilon
Arizon Chapter Founded 1901

Theta Nu Epsilon portraits of members

Membra in Collegio
T. Edward Steele, Leslie A. Gillett, E. Horton Jones
C. Leonard Ball, Robert Johnson
Sylvan C. Ganz, Robert C. Jacobson
R. Bela Metcalfe, Thomas B. Brown

Membra ex-Collegio
Rudolph Casteneda, John P. Bley, Bertram L. Smith
Quintus J. Anderson, Fred C. Christy, Harlow A. Yaeger
Elbert P. Drumiler, Carlisle O. Boyd, Walter J. Wakefield
Marian R. Kayes, Edwin H. Andrews

Epsilon Pi Eta
Alpha Chapter Founded 1900

Membra in Collegio
C. Leonard Ball, Thomas B. Brown, Sylvan C. Ganz
Leslie A. Gillett, Robert C. Jacobson
Robert E. Johnston, E. Horton Jones, T. Edward Steele

Membra ex-Collegio
Quintus J. Anderson, Rudolph Castenada, Bertram L. Smith
Edwin H. Andrews, Fred C. Christy, Walter J. Wakefield
John P. Bley, Elbert P. Drumiler, Harlow A. Yaeger
Carlisle O. Bird, Marian R. Kays
Duncan H. Campbell, William Reynolds

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