Through Our Parents Eyes
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Tom Marshall's The Burro '03


  1. No song will be considered that is, not essentially original.
  2. After any song has been chosen no other production having the same tune will be accepted.
  3. Each production must be handed to the President, and passed upon by a committee that has been appointed by the faculty for the collection and preservation of University songs.
  4. No production will be accepted that is personal in its character, or refers to any particular event. To be considered, each song must be so written as to be appropriate for all time. Particular events are soon forgotten, and are often insignificant when compared with later events; a song then, to have enduring qualities, must be so general as to apply to all similar cases.
  5. While the committee will always be glad to offer suggestions, it will have neither the time nor the inclination to consider productions that do not conform to the cannons of good form and good taste-each song will be chosen on its individual merit, and the collection thus selected will be bound together in some durable form and known as "The University of Arizona Songs."


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