Through Our Parents Eyes
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Tom Marshall's The Burro '03


WEDNESDAY, September 17. Registration day.

THURSDAY, September 18. First assembly addressed by ex-Chancellor Herring.

SATURDAY, September 20. The pigskin has appeared and "things will soon be 'a doin'."

SATURDAY, September 20. Milord -Millington; recently arrived from England, was much wrought up over the military inspection of his room.

SUNDAY, September 28. A detail of cadets escorted the body of our late lamented commandant, Captain Cole, to the depot.

WEDNESDAY, October I. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show provides a half holiday of amusement for the overworked (?) students.

FRIDAY, October 5. Philomathean Literary Society reorganizes.

SATURDAY, October I0. Reception tendered to students, alumni and faculty by President Adams.

THURSDAY, October 16. Moon eclipsed tonight for over four hours. Professor Smith and his immortals entranced with opportunity to go moon-gazing.

FRIDAY, October 51. Cosgrove elected captain of football team. Hallowe'en; boys played the usual pranks.

TUESDAY, November 4. Election day: no school.

SATURDAY, November B. Our boys played football with the Indian School boys. Score, 48 to 0 in our favor.

SUNDAY, November 9. Ernest Jones goes on a peccary hunt up Sabino Canyon. Gets-- back.

MONDAY, November I0. The University Club, the new literary society recently organized, held its first meeting tonight.

FRIDAY, November 14. Dormitory boys form a Calithumpian parade and march to town to advertise coming football game.

SATURDAY, November 15. University wins from Fort Grant in a very clean, gritty game of football; played upon our own grounds. Score, 28 to 0. Whoop!

MONDAY, November 17. Street Carnival opens. Lorita! have you seen her?

TUESDAY, November 18. The first number of the "Varsity Gridiron" appeared today. It is a neat little bi-weekly, breathing pure college spirit, and does great credit to its able management, Messrs Horton and Jones editors; and Clay Parker manager.

SATURDAY, November 22. Football game between Normal School and University on latter's gridiron. University demonstrated its superiority all through a hard fought, straight game. Score, 12 to 0. The goose egg for the Normals.

TUESDAY, November 25. The Crestomathean Literary Society (preparatory) has taken its place in the ranks of our literary societies and is doing good work.

WEDNESDAY, November 26. The football team leaves this morning for Naco, to play the Fort Huachuca soldier lads. Our team is enthusiastic and left the campus followed by the cheers of the students.

THURSDAY, November 27. On foreign soil, at Naco, our football team battles with the soldiers from the Fort. The Red and Blue makes 36 points and is not even scored against.

SATURDAY, November 29. The dormitory girls welcome home the victorous (sic) football team with cannon shot and blazing bonfires. The campus becomes a pandemonium.

TUESDAY, December 2. Whipple, Pearce, Seitz and Gebb return from their deer hunt in the Catalinas. They secured one deer and numberless frozen bear tracks.

FRIDAY, December 5. The faculty surprised this season's foot-ball heroes with a banquet. One corner of the dining hall was tastefully decorated. Here two long tables groaned 'neath a Spread fit only for heroes. On the centre of the table, on a bed of flowers and colors, reposed the lucky pigskin. Later in the evening a reception, speeches and a dance in Assembly Hall were given in honor of the eleven.

TUESDAY, December 9. The University band makes its first appearance at battalion parade. The band is a most valuable acquisition.

FRIDAY, December 12. It was announced by Col. Zabriskie, in Assembly, that Professor James Douglas of the Copper Queen, Bisbee, had been induced, through the persuasive efforts of ex-Chancellor Herring, to donate $5,000 toward the erection of a gymnasium. The students went wild with delight. The Boys' Dormitory Association gave a successful and enjoyable dance in the dining hall tonight.

FRIDAY, December 19. Last day of school before Christmas vacation.

TUESDAY, January 6. School opens. Ganz goes to town tonight to purchase the wherewithal to give a spread but on his return is held up and robbed. Poor boy! Lucky robbers!

FRIDAY, January 9. Lane kangarooed and put under the shower.

MONDAY, January 12. Phitomatheans and University Club engage in a rush for possession of Philomathean flag. University Club did not secure flag but Prexy did. Debate tonight between University Club and the Philomathean. University Club wins.

WEDNESDAY, January 14. Liquid air lecture, in Assembly Hall, by Professor Skinner. He demonstrated, to his own satisfaction, at least, that the beefsteak he furnishes us can be divided. But at breakfast next morning he failed to provide the liquid air necessary.

FRIDAY, January 15. We had a rare treat tonight. Johnny Mills and his merry company held us spell bound.

SUNDAY, January 17. Charlie Adams' pony takes sick and dies. We'll all miss the pony.

SATURDAY, January 16. Millington and Lane have a ruction. Lane brings his shillalah (sic) into play.

THURSDAY, January 22. Committee from Legislature inspects the University. Do you remember Dooley's friend, the young lady with the large. ample head-gear? Faculty and students attended the reception tendered the Committee by the Chamber of Commerce at the Elks' Club House. Faculty talks for the new library: the students for the new gymnasium.

FRIDAY, January 25. Battalion parade for benefit of Committee.

WEDNESDAY, January 28. Many killed and wounded in a terrible head-end collision on the S. P. R. R. Smoke of wreck visible from the campus.

FRIDAY, February 6. Arbor Day and also U. A. Day. Exercises were held in the Assembly. Leslie A. Gillett delivered the Senior class oration. Later, the Freshman class held exercises outside and planted a tree. Just before the Freshmen emerged from the Assembly the Sophomores through much scheming and a hard struggle captured the Freshman class pennant. The Freshmen had the audacity to carry canes. The Sophomores waited respectfully until the Freshmen finished with their orations. Then when the Freshies turned with canes in hand to nobly strut away the Sophomores made a dash and crash! bang! the cane war was on! When the smoke of battle cleared away not a whole Freshman cane was visible. The Sophomores had done terrible execution! The Delta Phi fraternity gave a most enjoyable hop this evening. The faculty and students were invited. The dining hall was tastefully decorated with bunting and flowers and more pleasant hours were never passed on the campus.

SUNDAY, February 14. Someone went about last night and defined the girls' limits by pouring on the ground bounding the limits gallons of red paint.

FRIDAY, February 15. Girls of North Hall gave a Valentine party this evening. The old dining hall was so disguised by means of rugs and flowers that we knew not where we were. The occasion was a most pleasant one and does the young ladies great credit.

SATURDAY, February 14. The young ladies entertained the faculty and regents this afternoon at North Hall.

SUNDAY, February 15. Heavy snowfall this morning. Very unusual in this climate and everyone was out snow-balling and revelling in the snow.

FRIDAY, February 20. Jones, Whipple. Seitz and Gebb left for an outing in the mountains

MONDAY, February 22. University Field Day. A very successful meet was held and some college records broken. The Sophomores as a class won the most points.

WEDNESDAY, March 4. Foster became too kittenish tonight. Tiring of his efforts to annoy them, the boys ran him way out across the campus, caught, tied, gagged and stripped him, then with a few cuts from a strap he was turned loose. The Major met him in the hall, and to say he was horrified at Foster's condition is superfluous.

SUNDAY, March 8. A few of the rustic lads and lasses of our dormitories wandered into the Tucson Mountains and spent a happy, guileless afternoon picking wildflowers. So lovely. Weren't you along?

FRIDAY, March 15. The "Preps." gave a most successful and pleasant dance at the Natatorium this evening. The proceeds are to go to buy athletic goods for the new gymnasium. Our "Preps." are most enterprising and we're proud of them.

TUESDAY, March 20. The Theta Nu Epsilon Fraternity gave a dance in Odd Fellows Hall this evening that was one of the events of the season. To say the occasion was an enjoyable one would be expressing it mildly.

SATURDAY, March 28. Tonight:

At ten o'clock the bugle blew
And out of their rooms the cadets flew;
From under their arms pillows they draw,
And cried, "Again these feathers we'll shew."

SUNDAY, March 28. All pillow-fighters under arrest.

MONDAY, March 30. Pillow-fighters court-martialed and punished. All non-coms, reduced one rank and privates received three extra tours each. Ball. Pickett, Johnson and Jacobson left for a week's outing in the mountains. Ground has been broken and the new gymnasium is going up.

SATURDAY, April 11. Students went in a body to welcome the Tempe Normal School debaters at the depot. The debaters were given a tally-ho ride out to the San Xavier Mission. Tonight the inter-scholastic debate between the Normal School and the University was held in the Opera House. Both sides made a magnificent showing. The University won the debate although one of the Normals won the individual medal. We have thus defeated the Normals decisively this year, both in football and in debate. "Hurrah for the old U. A."

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