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Thomas Keith Marshall's Lantern Slides

Uncle Sam The Great Waster
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Descriptive metadata

Series: not noted on slide
Title on Slide: Uncle Sam the great waster.
Slide No.: 9 (duplicates number for "Normal Brain" slide in "Science vs. Alcohol" set
Genre: 3' X 4" glass slide
Place: U. S.
Date: ~1914
Original Copyright: © by Nat W.C.T.U., Evanston , ILL
Tags: Uncle Sam, Prohibition, liquor, cartoon, National Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Collection: Thomas Keith Marshal's Lantern Slides
Source: Patricia Peters Stephenson, Tucson, Arizona
Source Dimensions: 4 X 3.25 inches
Source Condition: good
Source Format: lantern slide
Publisher: National Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Repository: private collection
Description: Cartoon illustration of Uncle Sam at the edge of a cliff emptying barrels filled with money bags in the Bottomless Dead Dea of the Liquor Traffic. The sea has serpants, empty liquor bottles, and wrecked ships. In the background is U.S. Congress building. Written on the barrel Uncle Sam is emptying intot he sea is MORE THAN VALUE OF THE YEARS FISHERIES $67,898,850 THROWN AWAY IN 13 DAYS. On barrels awaiting emptying into the sea are: MORE THAN HALF THE YEARS PRODUCT OF WHEAT $621,442,000 THROWN AWAY IN 37 1/2 DAYS; VALUE OF ALL THE IRON IMINED IN A YEAR $419,175,000 SPENT FOR LIQUOR IN 76 1/2 DAYS; U.s. cUSTOMS RECEIPTS $314,497,000 WASTED IN 57 2/3 DAYS ON LIQUOR; MORE THAN THE VALUE OF ALL THE GOLD AND SILVER MINED IN A YEAR $128,128,600 SQUANDERED ON LIQUOR IN 25 DAYS

Technical metadata

JPEG Image (File) Size: 600X578 150K; 400X385 70K
Capture Date: TIFF 2007-05-23; JPEG 2007-06-04
Capture Method: scanned on an Epson 3170 flatbed scanner
TIFF Capture Resolution: 300 DPI