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An Early History of Tucson and the University
Apache Hall

According to Phyllis Ball's A Photographic History of the University of Arizona 1885-1985 (p. 428-429), South Hall was completed in 1899 and opened as a dormitory. Ball noted these additions/alternations and name changes:

1903: roof blew offin August storm
Summer 1913: west wing sleeping porch added
Summer 1916: east wing sleeping porch added
1924/25: last year as dormitory for men
1925/26: becomes location of Dept. (later School) of Music

1920/21-1926/27: Apache Hall
1927/28-July 1934: Music Hall
1934-1956: College of Fine Arts
1957/58: College of Education

South Hall was demolished in 1958 for construction of the School of Home Economics Building, renamed the School of Family and Consumer Resources in 1984.

At the time South Hall was known as Apache Hall, Tom Marshall sent a photograph to a Mr. Gattison in San Francisco for a line drawing of the building. It may have been the one taken about 1920. He wrote many letters referring to the Main Building. In a letter in my possession, he wrote:

Mr. Gattison
San Francisco, Cal.

Dear Sir:

I am returning a drawing tha that you made last year, and which I did not use - for two reasons - the drawing was not correc t -through no fault of yours and while that could have been remedied, I thought there was far too much detail, to make a satisfactory drawing, when reduced to3 in.

The addition of the main building was hidden by trees so that you could not see. Here is a ground floor plan - not drawn to scale. The passage connecting the main building with the long one in back is one story has 2 windows & door

The small building in rear has root outline as indicated and door and windows are high

in making a new drawing please put in much less detail in brick work - & also put in the trees as they are very close to the building -one on each side of the door. The rear building projects only about 10 ft from the side line of the main building. The post card shows the trees - & I like the position of the building in post card only the tiled roof must show in thedrawing - as in yours.

The shape of the roof of annex is also indicated on your drawing -

Also please label the drawing - Mines and Engineering instead of "School of Mines" - Please have lettering smaller -

Please have less detail - The drawing must be reduced to a 3 in. cut.

Very truly -
Thos K. Marshall

Apache Hall line drawing used as letter head

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