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The Corner of First Street and Tyndall, 1905

Tom Marshall took a series of photographs in July and August 1905 to show the progress of building 935 and 943 North Tyndall Avenue. There were two houses still standing in 1990.

Drawing showing a map of the area west of the University, circa 1905

935 and 943 East Tyndall

933 and 945 North Euclid Avenue. The same two homes a few years later. The Santa Catalina Apartments can be seen between them.
Two homes at First and Tyndall, ~1910. The Santa Catalina Apartments can be
seen between them. TKM

The angle on the above photograph is nearly identical to the homes that were on Euclid. The above picture dates from 1910, and a back porch has been made into a screen porch. In 1923 a duplex was built between the brick houses as shown in the 1990 photograph below.

The same Tyndall homes in 1990. 935, 939-941, 943, Santa Catalina Apts, 819 E. First St.

The same Tyndall homes ~1995, viewed from the Chase Bank parking lot.
The same Tyndall homes 1995, viewed from the bank parking lot. PPS

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