Through Our Parents Eyes
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Louise Foucar's 1899 Histology

Images from Louise Foucar's Histology. Page numbers refer to the page the sketch appears in Louise Foucar's Histology. Click any image to retrieve a larger version. Articles from Wikipedia are provided, when available, for more information.

Sketch page 16: Lycopersicum esculentum
Sketch page 16: Lycopersicum esculentum commonly known as Tomato [Wikipedia article]

Sketch page 16: Rumex hymenosepalus commonly known as Canaigre or Wild Rhubarb [Wikipedia article]

Sketch page 18:sambucus
Sketch page 18: Sambucus commonly known as Elder or Elderberry [Wikipedia article]

Sketch page 18: Pear (Pyrus)
Sketch page 18: Pear (Pyrus) [Wikipedia article]

Sketch page 20: Coniferae (Pinophyta) commonly known as conifer [Wikipedia article]

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