Through Our Parents Eyes
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From Horse to Horseless

In the first twelve years of this century, there were many changes occurring in Arizona, in Tucson, in the University and the University Neighborhood. Statehood gave Arizona a new look, the forty-eighth state in the Union.

There were changes at and around the University between the time Louise had left the faculty in June 1903 and the next few years, or as we count time in Arizona, "during territorial days" before statehood February 14, 1912.

Tom Marshall is standing beside the buggy with the Marshall's driving mare.
Marshall's driving mare was the caption my father put on this picture. He and my
mother labeled many pictures in 1957. Tom Marshall is standing beside the buggy.
The Santa Catalina mountains are in the background. Our mountains make a good
reference place for Tucson pictures. TKMPC

Chico Sees The Future
Chico sees the future - and is worried. Or, "Is it a new kind of insect?" A picture like
this invites many captions. The car is a 1902/03 Rambler. It is summertime, because
during hot weather the black leather-covered front seat is tilted up out of the direct sun
when the car is parked. The car has no bumper, but has an extra large radiator. TKM

Drawing identifying locations in the above 1909 photo: Tyndall, Second St., Park Ave., 811 E. First St.

Transportation in Tucson underwent a big change. In 1903 Tucson had an electric railway, it also had more and more horseless carriages.

The big transition was from horse to horseless carriages. The Thanksgiving Day 1909 football game shows about the same number of cars as buggies. It gives an entirely different meaning to the words "Tailgate Party." The spectators did not worry about sitting in sky boxes or even in the bleachers. They brought their own seating or ran up and down on the sidelines to follow the action. This is the same location as the spring 1904 baseball field, future site of the second library building that is now Arizona State Museum, North. In 1910 the Tucson population was 13,000; contrast this scene with the present more than 53,000 attendance at football games.

The trolly stops at the University Main Gate. Looking NW toward the Santa Catalina Apartments
The trolley stops at the University Main Gate. Looking northwest toward the Santa
Catalina Apartments. A woman in a long white dress and black reboso is seen to be
entering the trolley. TKM

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