Through Our Parents Eyes
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Table of Contents

Going Home Again
A Journey to My Neighborhood
An Early History of Tucson and the University
A View to Campus in 1900
The Path From Town
Landock Ships on a Weed Covered Sea
Louise Henriette Foucar
To Tucson for the School Year 1898-99
First Woman Professor at the University
A Home for All Seasons, 1901
Thomas Keith Marshall
The First UA Football Team 1899
The University Military Unit
Campus Scenes - Tom's Photo Album 1900-1903
Professor Foucar's New Home, 1902
North West of Campus 1902
View From Old Main to Signal Hill in the Tucson Mountains
The Santa Catalina Apartments, 1903
The Story of the Santa Catalina Apartments
Standing on the Corner ... of Euclid and First
The Laundry Building
The Corner of First and Tyndall, 1905
From Horse to Horseless
A New Gate and a New Trolley, 1906
Farewell to Territorial Days
Tradition in the Making
From Campus to 85 Rincon Road
The University from 1903- 1906
The Marshall Home and Neighborhood, 1906-1920
Olive Road
Visitors to Rincon Road
People Who Came to Visit
The Brick Barn and Carriage House
Bungalow and Speedway Homes
The Smith and Cannon Homes, 1904
The University, 1914- 1921
Building the University Square, 1922
Letters from Ivan
The Book Store and Gift Shop
The Drug Store
Aerial View 1928
Micky and the Ice Cream Factory
Tiny Links Golf Course
First Street and Tyndall Neighborhood, 1923
My Parent's Homes 1926 and 1928
819 East First Street, 1928
Summertime in the 1930s
University Neighborhood in the 1930s
At the Front of the House
In the Back Yard
University Square ... and the Campus
College Days, 1946
A Fond Farewell to 819
The Palm Road Neighborhood, 1927
A Last Look at the Marshall Home
The University and Tucson in 1990
Restoration ... and a Happy Ending