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We have done research investigating our heritage, our neighborhoods and our terrain. Gathering this research and carrying it through is sacred to our people and very important to where we all grew up. We have encountered the stories of "A" mountain, our families, local art and artists, neighborhood names, our schools, racism, our streets, our economy, and the future. The eight youth historians on this project began without much experience with computers, layouts or writing and research skills. As our individual skills developed, team unity increased. Our client for this project was the Westside Coalition, the umbrella organization for the various neighborhood associations of Tucson's Westside. Highly-detailed historical depth was not our goal-we only had seven weeks. Instead, we wanted to explore our personal interests and get a taste for the stories that were out there and present them back to the community. Our focus was the 20th century so we could collect the stories of people our parents', grandparents' and great-grandparents' ages as well as the stories of people our age. As young people who will be adult leaders in the 21st century, it is important to understand where we come from and where we need to go.

Steven Encinas, editor-in-chief
with Regina Kelly, writer/mentor

All staff participated in the researching and writing of each chapter

Noemy Chavez Project Manager
Steven Encinas  Editor-in-Chief
Hector Heredia  Art Director
Gabriel Figueroa  Illustrator
Joaquin Islas  Photo Editor
Brandon Felix  Production Manager
Ricky Martinez  Copy Editor
Alex Rodriguez  Assistant Editor
Regina Kelly  Project Manager and Writer/Mentor
Stephen Farley  Graphic Designer/Mentor

This project was kindly sponsored by The Tucson Pima Arts Council's ArtWORKS Program

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