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More Westside Artwork of the
Virgen de Guadalupe

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Left: Portrait of the Virgin by Hector Heredia, 1996; Right: Tatita Dios. A "moving shrine" that is passed amongst Catholic parish women on the Westside. The women keep the shrine for a day to pray to it and put money in the box for the Church.

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Left: Top of Yard Shrine, Columbia St. Barrio Hollywood. Notice how the flowers act as clouds the Virgin stands on; Right:Mural by David Tineo, Menlo Park Video. "I love the Virgin with all my heart." (Maria "Tia Chingali-Chingi" Gonzales, owner)

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Left: "My brother gave me this statue of la Virgen before he passed away." (C. Savaneta; Barrio Sovaco); Right: Mural by area youth, Anita Street Market, Barrio Anita. "I'm very proud of the kids. [We] put it there because of the graffiti ... now the neighborhood respects the wall." (Mario Lopez Soto, owner)