Biographies & Oral Histories

  1. E-Company Remembered

    E-Company Marines Remembered

    Easy Company (E-Company), 13th Infantry Battalion, was the first Marine Corps Reserve unit from Tucson, Arizona, activated for the Korean Conflict in July of 1950. E-Company Marines Remembered is a tribute to the men who could not return from the battlefields from their comrades who did. The… [read more]
  2. Photo of Esteban

    In the Steps of Esteban

    Founded by homesteaders, cowboys, and soldiers, Tucson's African American community has a long and proud history that has contributed much to Tucson's rich heritage. These pioneers built neighborhoods, established churches and businesses, and fought to end discrimination and prejudice. Their… [read more]
  3. Roy Drachman, Tucson High, Shortstop

    Just Memories

    In Just Memories, Roy P. Drachman shared his memories from a lifetime in Tucson. The original volume was printed and distributed in July, 1979. The electronic version was orginally created in December 1997 and the re-designed interface published to the Web in November 2004. Just Memories… [read more]
  4. Bucking bronco

    School on the Range: The Little Cowpuncher Roundup

    School on the Range: The Little Cowpuncher Roundup is an oral history project sponsored by the University of Arizona and the Arizona Humanities Council. Videos of interviews with former Little Cowpunchers may be viewed on the pages for the Arizona ranch schools listed to the left. Redington… [read more]
  5. Screenshot of website

    Southwest Jewish Archives

    In August 1998, members of the New American community participated in recording information about their lives and experiences in the former Soviet Union and in Tucson. [read more]
  6. photo of ft lowell

    The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood

    Welcome Saturday, February 11 Special 2012 Arizona Centennial Event Fort Lowell Day Celebration see the schedule of events The earliest settlers in the Fort Lowell District came around 300 A.D. Since then, different communities have come and gone leaving behind their characteristic remains. These… [read more]
  7. Peace

    The Promise of Gold Mountain

    Gung hei fat choi! Chinese New Year celebration began on February 10th. The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage is a tribute to the contributions of Chinese immigrants to Tucson, Arizona, and our region. From the immigrant railroad workers of the late 1800's to the civic… [read more]