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Teachers are welcome to use the teaching resources accompanying Through Our Parents' Eyes websites. The UA Learning Technologies Center is in the process of developing quality resources to support middle and high school curricula, as well as college and university undergraduate instruction. Teachers who develop instructional resources from Through Our Parents' Eyes websites are encouraged to contribute them for inclusion in this section. We also recommend teachers review the resources freely available via the Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM).

  • Curriculum Modules
    Through Our Parents' Eyes provides teachers with "out-of-the-box" curriculum modules. In addition to constructing step-by-step guides to using the Through Our Parents' Eyeswebsites listed below, Arizona teachers can take advantage of the suggested areas mapped to the Arizona Department of Education's Standards-Based Teaching and Learning.
  1. Alamo Courtyard

    Architecture and Urbanism of the Southwest

    Essay by John Messina, AIA, Research Architect, The University of Arizona  Southwest Studies Center and the School of Architecture Farmstead of a Spanish-American Farmer, Chamisal, New Mexico, 1940. Photo by Russell Lee, courtesy Library of CongressThe American Southwest is a vast, loosely defined… [read more]
  2. Jim

    Arizona Illustrated Segments Featuring Dr. James "Big Jim" Griffith

    Roadside crosses in Sonora  1857 Crabb expedition's attack on Caborca Early impacts of Europeans on native populations  Legacy of European Crops Our Lady of Guadalupe Roadside Image View a map highlighting the Pimería Alta  Impact of Padre Kino on the people of the Pimería Alta … [read more]
  3. John Bradley, guitar, and Sam Fenner, fiddle,  performing at the Grand Canyon

    Cowboy Songs and Singers

    John Bradley, guitar, and Sam Fenner, fiddle,  performing at the Grand CanyonCowboys have long been a part of the American imagination. Americans have drawn on the lifeways and legends surrounding the cowboy to create powerful images of the men who settled the frontier, braved rough and lonely land… [read more]
  4. AZ Roadmap

    Defining the Southwest

    Definitions alter over time, between people, and beyond borders. Landmasses change as physical and human forces exert pressure upon them. And a region is carved, molded, and defined by people in historical relation to it. In Defining the Southwest , we gather multiple visions of what the… [read more]
  5. Kids at play

    Huellas del Pasado… Footprints from the Past

                A bilingual school and community oral history collection by the students of Davis Bilingual Magent School 2002     English Spanish Content     Introduction     The Beginning: Tucson, Arizona Students from the third grade ask… [read more]
  6. Photo of Esteban

    In the Steps of Esteban

    Founded by homesteaders, cowboys, and soldiers, Tucson's African American community has a long and proud history that has contributed much to Tucson's rich heritage. These pioneers built neighborhoods, established churches and businesses, and fought to end discrimination and prejudice. Their… [read more]
  7. fountain

    Places in the Sun

    Welcome to this digital version of James F. Cooper's 1989 book, Places in the Sun. Places in the Sun is an excellent addition to Through Our Parents’ Eyes architecture resources. Our thanks go to Joe Cooper, James F. Cooper’s son, for granting us permission to create a digital… [read more]
  8. Sanag Fiesta

    Southern Arizona Folk Arts/El Arte Folklórico del Sur de Arizona

    English Spanish Welcome Welcome to Southern Arizona Folk Arts. The content for this website was contributed by Dr. James S. Griffith, founder of the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival, and retired folklore professor and director of the University of Arizona's Southwest Center. The images presented… [read more]
  9. South Corner

    The South Corner of Time: Hopi, Navajo, Papago, Yaqui Tribal Literature

    This website contains a digital version of the 1980 book, The South Corner of Time: Hopi, Navajo, Papago, Yaqui Tribal Literature. This book was previously published as Sun Tracks, An American Indian Literary Series. Larry Evers, ed. The South Corner of Time.  Tucson, Ariz.: The University of… [read more]
  10. silko

    Words & Places

    Through a unique blend of imagery and sound, this website captures the complex oral traditions of Native American communities in the American Southwest. Songs are sung and stories told within the landscapes which inspired them. The tapes explore a world in which words and place possess symbolic and… [read more]