E-Company Marines Remembered

Easy Company (E-Company), 13th Infantry Battalion, was the first Marine Corps Reserve unit from Tucson, Arizona, activated for the Korean Conflict in July of 1950. E-Company Marines Remembered is a tribute to the men who could not return from the battlefields from their comrades who did. The surviving members of Easy Company have made it their responsibility to honor their memory by remembering the great sacrifices they made for their country.

Easy Company Marines [image courtesy of Albert Molina Felix]
Easy Company Marines
[image courtesy of Albert Molina Felix]

E-Company Marines Remembered website is rich in its collection of oral histories. The men of Easy Company are an important part of Tucson's history. This website was created with the hope that their voices will continue to be heard and their stories will not be forgotten.

Follow the links in the banner image atop each page in this website to learn more about the project, to read the oral histories, and to view images of the original photographs captured by E-Company Marines during their tour of duty in Korea over fifty years ago.

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