El Diablo At Del Rio...

Dancing A Soul Away

by Steve Molera

One night a teenage girl wanted to go to Del Rio Ballroom. She asked her mother if she could go, but her mother said, “Please don't go, I am very sick.” The girl didn't care whether her mother was sick or not, she was going. The girl called her friends and got ready to go. Her mother cursed her and said,"God's going to get you". Then she said, “The devil's going to get you, too." The girl hesitated as she heard her mother speak these words, but she still headed out the door.

At the ballroom the girl noticed a nice-looking young man. The. girl danced with him. At midnight the bells of Holy Family church rang out. People backed away from the girl and the man because they smelled sulfur. The girl's body was lifted into the air with the man who was really the Devil--El Diablo. People say he had the feet of a chicken and eyes like burning coals. People don't know exactly what happened to the girl. Some say she was dropped from the sky. Others say she was taken to hell.

Source: Silviana Wood interview, 6/22/98.

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