Input From The Next Generation

What we learned about Barrio Anita-and ourselves

During the sixth week of our research, we all gathered at a table and brainstormed questions we thought we should ask ourselves. We believe the answers to these questions will show you, the reader, what we have learned. The questions are as follows:

1) How did you feel about working with other generations?
2) What new things did you learn?
3) What ideas do you have for Barrio Anita or your own neighborhood based on your research?

anjoAnjounette Martinez
1. Working with other generations was interesting--especially the different things they had to say.
2. I learned a lot of interesting things about Barrio Anita. For instance, the 1940 train crash, and the Supreme Cleaners accident. I had never heard about either of those explosions before. It's always good to know about different neighborhoods, not just your own.
3. Keeping the empty lots clean and not letting too many lots become vacant will help improve Barrio Anita.

vanessaVanessa Medeiros
1. I felt more in place with the world. I learned to understand and show interest in what the elders had to say.
2. I improved my writing and thinking skills, and also learned correct punctuation.
3. Barrio Anita needs more street lights and more sidewalks.  

El StevearinoSteve Molera
1. It was a new perspective for me working with older people. It helped me to learn more about what actually happened in their times, when they were teenagers. As we got to know the person more, they weren't embarrassed to talk to us about their life. They were real open whether it was good news or bad news.
2. From the experience of writing a book and working with others, I learned that you can do anything in life, if you put your mind to it. Whether it is writing a book or trying to do something creative, you can do it--no matter how hard it is.
3. In doing this project I learned you can improve from bad to good or from good to great in your own neighborhood. You can help another neighbor who may be elderly and can't clean their own yard or even start a Neighborhood Watch so you can get to know who your neighbors are.

Alicia PerezAlicia Pérez
1. It was different and very interesting to work with older people. I did not know we could learn so much from them and that they went through some of the things we are going through now.
2. I learned that we are able to do college level work if we try hard.
3. I think Barrio Anita definitely needs sidewalks and also more lights so no accidents will occur.

Jannell DavisJannell Davis
1. I felt it was a great experience for me with the elderly. It made me realize that we should appreciate them more while they're here.
2. I learned how long Barrio Anita was here, how interesting it is, how Tucson used to be, and how mostly everybody in Anita got along.
3. I think that if people would open more recreation centers the young ones and the teenagers would have more and better things to do. There would be less violence around everywhere.

Oscar madridOscar Madrid
1. In this project, I liked working with all the generations because this was very interesting.
2. I enjoyed all the history I learned about my neighborhood. I have learned a lot of important skills that will help me in college and beyond. I also learned how to use my computer skills more often.
3. I learned how to value Barrio Anita for what it is today.

Alex HerediaAlex Heredia
1. I am always talking with my Nana but it was good to talk to someone different then my Nana because they have different things to share.
2. I learned to be organized because if you're not organized you will be mixed up all the time and it is not good for your grades.
3. I think that they should fix up all the houses that are boarded up.

Fernando H CortezFernando H. Cortez
1. Working with different generations was very exciting. I enjoyed all the old folklore and history about the Barrio. Working with the different generations was a terrific experience for me.
2. I have learned many things about Barrio Anita that I never knew for the whole seventeen years I have lived here. Also the skills that I have learned on this project will help me now and in the future. For example, the computer and editing skills will prepare me for college.
3. Barrio Anita should have additional cleanups, maybe every month. We should also have more community gatherings, such as the block party that was held at Oury Park this summer.

Aran CanallyAran Canally
1. It was a unique experience for me because it helped me realize how hard it really is to work with other generations. The reason that this was so hard is because all generations have different stereotypes about all other generations. I think that the thing that enabled us to get all the information that we did is that we had to break the so called "generation gap."
2. I learned how hard it really is to be a journalist. I also learned a great deal of patience. I learned many writing techniques like taking notes with bullet points and how to write outlines.
3. One of the ways to make Barrio Anita better is to connect the different generations in the barrio because the elders live in a different barrio than the youth.

Zobeida OrozcoZobeida Orozco
1. Working with other generations was a great experience because it gave me a chance to go back in time.
2. There were a lot of things I learned from my interviewees. One of the biggest things was how everybody in Barrio Anita was connected in some way.
3. I think doing more neighborhood events would bring the community together once again.

Monique LopezMonique A. Lopez
1. I felt really good working with other generations because it was interesting to listen to their stories and experiences. There were stories that made you want to cry and others that made you laugh out loud.
2. I have learned many things during this project. The computer and communication skills I've learned will help me out a lot in college and my career. I will always remember this for years to come.
3. I would improve Barrio Anita by having more gatherings and clean-ups. It is important to connect the neighbors and make their community look welcoming. Now I hope other people will see this book and want to help their own neighborhood.

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