About the Project


The Reverend John E. Kitagawa, Rector of St. Philip's In The Hills Episcopal Church, provided helpful insights as well as access to Church buildings.


The images used in this website come from several sources.

Photographs and slides that were provided by St. Philip's In The Hills Episcopal Church were digitized by the staff of the Learning Technologies Center in May 2004. Images were saved to Photoshop's PSD format and copies edited for Web publishing were saved as JPEGs. Code: STP

Images of fine arts objects captured by Garry Forger were shot on a Nikon coolpix 4500 digital camera, May 2004, at the church. Images were saved as JPEGs. Code: GF

Other images were captured as screen shots from the QTVR panoramas created by Gary Mackender. Code: GM


The comments that appear on the Fine Arts Collections pages are taken from a document prepared by Gerald Klever, Ph.D, May 6, 2004. Dr. Klever leads tours of St. Philip's In The Hills and developed his guide from research conducted by fellow church volunteer Jean Cox, and those resources he and Ms. Cox consulted. Ms. Cox is an art historian who has researched the fine arts collection since the late 1970s. It is through her years of dedication that we are able to learn and appreciate these works of art. Comments taken from Dr. Klever's tour notes are noted by [source: tour notes] and in compiling his guide, he consulted the following information sources.

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In addition to these resources, we have drawn from R. Brooks Jeffery's, Josias Joesler: An Architectural Eclectic, a website developed from Jeffery's book Joesler & Murphey: An Architectural Legacy for Tucson (1994).

As new information about any of the art objects described in this website becomes known, we will be sure to update that information and add an explanatory note.


Gary Mackender, a specialist in the production of QuickTime Virtual Reality shot, edited and stitched the panoramas, except for the large nave which was edited and stitched by Ed Gricius. Gary used a Nikon D1-X digital camera equipped with a Bogen panorama head to capture the images used in the panoramas. The photography was accomplished on May 5, 2004, (large nave) and July 22, 2004 (all others). Gary and Ed both work for the VR Annex at the University of Arizona. They can be reached at 520-626-3007.


The SooYoung Lee interview of Dr. Peter Briggs and Ms. Lisa M. Ackerman was captured from the KUAT Arizona Illustrated March 2, 2004, episode by Stuart Glogoff using the Learning Technologies Center's Audio and Video Production unit's Searchable Video Library Producer software.