The Santa Catalina Apartments, 1903

In 1903, Louise Foucar named the new apartments for the beautiful mountains that seemed so close, since there was hardly a building between the two "Santa Catalinas."

Building these apartments was quite a business accomplishment for the quiet and determined teacher from Boston. She was making money in order to finance her philanthropic and charitable endeavors. She was building a neighborhood.

The Tucson Citizen reported their progress, August 10: "The brickwork on the Foucar cottages near the University will be commenced tomorrow." September 10: "The Foucar cottages near the University are in a well advanced condition." October 17: "FOR RENT-- Newly furnished rooms: Single and in suites for light housekeeping. Cottages, University Heights (At this time University Heights was a general name for the area.)

Santa Catalina apartments
The Santa Catalina Apartments at 803 and 811 East First Street as they looked about
1906. The privet hedge provided privacy and some protection from sand blowing off
the dirt road. A post and pipe fence was often used in Tucson at this time. Judging
from the shadows, the time is noon on a winter day. The curl of smoke from the
chimney, shows that the resident of apartment 2 in 811 is enjoying a fire in the
fireplace. This is the same apartment that my parents will move into in 1926. TKM
Hotel regester Santa Catalina.
Renters registered in a hotel registry book. A 1906 page is reproduced here.
This particular book goes to 1924. The names make interesting reading, some were
Tucson visitors, others became residents. Since rooms could be rented singly or en suite,
the room numbers are entered in this registry book. Note that Westly and Mary Hughes
from Globe occupy the laundry. This was a room on the south side of the laundry building.
From 1926-1963 my father wrote his rental records in ledgers. LFM



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